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Greetings @Sarafeena_Sage! :blush:

I wanted to reply to your comment but I have a lot to say haha- I hope you don’t mind that I started a new discussion to avoid hijacking the other conversation!

Before jumping into your dream, I just want to say that I really love Dream Magick but my views around it have evolved a lot over my years of practice. While I used to jump in and try to find meaning in every detail of a dream, I no longer view (most) dreams as tools for divination.

(To avoid reposting my little rants I’ll just share the links on the limits of reading magickal symbolism (and avoiding “reading burn-out”) as well as my own personal beliefs about dream meanings that go into more details- in case anyone is interested!)

TLDR: I’m in the school of thought that not everything you encounter in a dream (nor random things found in daily life) automatically carries magickal symbolism.

That being said, if you are having the same dream over and over again or you have a vivid dream experience that feels meaningful to you- those are signs that there may be a deeper meaning and a message involved.

As this dream seems to have stuck with you over many days, we can definitely jump in and take a look!

4 is a powerful number- it represents things such as the seasons, the solstice/equinoxes, the four directions, the four elements, etc. The 4 ghosts in your dream could thus potentially be representative of some higher force, power, or deities.

→ Do you work with something in your Craft that is a set of four?

Alternatively, they could be the actual spirits of people you know- either dream figures of those still alive, or contact from those you knew who have moved on :ghost:

The desire to prove something is true is a basic human urge, something that commonly surfaces in dreams. My gut instinct with this aspect is that there wasn’t a magickal message involved, but rather that this emotion is something you could benefit from exploring.

The situation in the dream is likely representing something you are feeling (either consciously or subconsciously).

→ Is there someone doubting you? Do you feel the need to prove yourself (be it your Craft, your job, your hobby, your love, something else) to someone else, someone whose opinion and trust you value very highly?

I would recommend a deep meditation on this to try and uncover what you are feeling, and what you might to do to ease these feelings of pressure and the urge to constantly have to prove yourself.

Interesting! :ghost: :grinning:

I would read this as: not everything is what it appears to be. Something that may seem scary or, alternatively, something that seems occult may in fact be something mundane and normal. That’s not a bad thing- just something to be aware and mindful of.

These are just my thoughts about the dream- like with tarot/oracle/tea leaf/other divinations, I always believe the person who experienced them/the reader is the closest to the heart of the situation and will thus have the most accurate interpretation. Feel free to take what I’ve said above and change it/apply to best suit you :blush:

I hope I could help a bit with the dream interpretation!

Blessed be, Sarall! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry. I like the way you look at dreams. I don’t mind the long response :wink:

This dream has been on my mind since I dreamed it! I totally see your angle on this and I agree not every dream has significance. I think you’re correct about me feeling the need to prove myself. You are very smart!!! Not surprising tho, witches are the smartest people! Thank you again, I didn’t see it clearly. I will meditate about this. I will check out the links you listed too.

I kept a dream journal in my 20’s (I could sleep 12 hours straight then!) and I’ve always been interested in the subconscious and what it might be hiding from us. I’ve been trying to get back to keeping a dream journal but I find it a lot harder to remember most of them or many details and I don’t sleep as long now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Blessed Be Bry :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose:


You’re very welcome, @Sarafeena_Sage!!! I’m happy if my thoughts could help you investigate your dream a bit more :blush: And hahaha I’m grateful you didn’t mind the long reply- I really love dreams and could talk about them (and the fascinating sub/un conscious mind!) all day :laughing: :heart:

Oh, you’re making me blush! :blush: But hahaha I do agree with the second bit- after all, witches have honed intuition to help see and puzzle things out! :wink::sparkles:

I feel you here. If you have a lot on your mind, as you wake up and switch gears any dreams will be washed over with the worries and spinning of your conscious mind- they fade away before you’re even aware that you’re awake (and can thus write them down).

If I can offer a suggestion: take naps. A shorter period of sleep during the day seems to help call up vivid dreams that are easier to remember when waking up. Or, you could set your alarm for 30 mins to an hour earlier than you would wake up normally- if it cuts into your sleep cycle, you’ll skip over the slow wake-up and may be able to remember your dreams if you wake up suddenly :+1: :alarm_clock:

Of course, playing with dreams and sleep can lead to sleepiness during the day- so as a friendly recommendation, I’d save dream magick and exploration for weekends or days off from work! :wink: :heart:

Wishing you all the best with exploring the wonderful world of dreams and sleep- there certainly is a lot of magick there and so much excitement to uncover! :star2:

Blessed be! :two_hearts:


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