Help with wiccan herb garden design please

Hello, hope everyone is well. I’ve been very lucky and been given quite a big allotment to rent (this is only my second year on the plot and my first space wasn’t any where near as big). This means I can plant a nice sized herb garden but I’m wondering about design. I don’t want to plant a pentagon as the site is a shared space and this is very personal to me. I was thinking of a spiral and was wondering what any of you thought? Are there other designs that will reflect the witchcraft the herbs will be used for? Or are there other wiccan symbols that may lend themselves to a herbal space? Thank you


Hello @dawn13,

Congrats- that’s so exciting! :partying_face:

When planning out a garden design, I’d recommend starting with the foundation and then building up from there. Are you hoping to prep the soil and plant directly in the ground, or use raised garden beds?

Whatever style you hope to use, you’ll also need to protect it. If there is wildlife around or neighbors have lose pets, you’ll likely need to fence in the area too. Additionally, where is your water source? Will you use a bucket or have a hose? Considering watering needs will help you make a garden design that is accessible and easy to maneuver through.

Once you know the type of garden, any fences you’ll be using, and how you’ll water, these things can help you plan the rest of a garden design that will work well for you and your space :+1:

A spiral could work for in-the-ground planting, with a large fence of any shape around the perimeter! It kind of reminds me of those lovely meditative labyrinth gardens :blush:

Picture from Home Depot: How to Make a Spiral Garden

You could plant various colors to symbolize the different elements, or do 4-5 different gardens will plants that correspond with each element. This wouldn’t be immediately obvious to anyone else- it could be something meaningful but personal to you :pentagram: :blush:

However you choose to design and plant your magickal garden, I’m really excited for you, Dawn! Wishing you all the best. Please share pictures (if you’re comfortable doing so!) :green_heart:

Blessed be!


I’ve never created a shape out of my garden (when I had one) but I think spirals are pretty! As long as the shape is practical, I say do it in whatever way calls to you!


Thank you - that spiral looks very pretty


I’m really looking forward to incorporating my journey here with growing at the allotment. Thanks for the advice


You’re welcome, Dawn, and I agree! It is pretty :cyclone: :blush:

Blessed gardening! :green_heart: