Helping spell for someone else

I need some assistance from my big sisters/brothers!
A family member has ask me to help them they are having some financial issues and also seems like a string of bad luck as they put it. Also they have just found out they that the husband may have a kid from a previous relationship 9 years later and not sure how to go about this situation either. So far I told them I can do the home blessings ritual and a prosperity oil, is there any spell I can do to help also? They have gave me permission to help anyway I can but I want to make sure I’m doing correctly, not over doing it, doing the right thing. So if anyone has any advice I’ll greatly appreciate it!


@brandy20 I’m sorry to hear that your family is having some difficulties coming up one on top of the other :slightly_frowning_face: With there being different situations maybe try:

Elemental Road Opener it will help to sort through things possibly a bit gentler… you could also try the Bad Luck Removal spell, or Good Luck & Protection Jar Spell… maybe a combination of them by tweaking them :thinking:

I will continue to think about it… Ooo maybe a Crystal Grid & use their likeness (image or name, birthday, address on a piece of paper) in the center of the grid too.


Thank you!


I agree with @Susurrus that a road opener is a great place to start for them. I would also suggest any number of good luck spells to help their luck with finances.

Good Luck Spells & Powerful Wiccan Rituals to Bring Success – Spells8

We also have the Ocean’s Charm spell here on Spells8 that many people have had success with. I’m sure it can be adapted for use with others rather than yourself!

Ocean’s Charm: Elemental Money-Drawing Spell with Sea Salt – Spells8


@brandy20 sorry to hear bout your family, I hope the spells that were shared help. @Susurrus thanks for sharing the Elemental Road Opener spell I did not know that was on the site, I sure could have used that a few weeks ago.


Thank you all!!


You’re welcome @brandy20 I hope they are helpful for you :blush: & the ones @MeganB shared. I have done the Ocean’s Charm spell in the past with some success too!

@Heav3n that would be a good one to keep in your book of tricks! :wink:


@Susurrus indeed it will, I just went to read and then checked out the Uncrossing Spell too, I am about to print these out now.


You’ve got some great information, so I’m just sending good vibes. LOL! Maybe play a little Awake Nation music in their home to clear old energies out? That might help too. Good luck!


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