Herbal Harmony Tea Spell

Hello Babes! Tonight I put a spell on you! :rofl: No but seriously. I did my first tea spell, or :tea:tea ritual ceremony tonight and my husband was kind enough to join me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Short story is, I got a little impatient waiting for my candles :candle: to come in the mail and I knew I had one small white candle.

Fast forward to me on here reading​:open_book: and suddenly I find a spell and I have all the ingredients! Yay :partying_face:

So I invite my hubby to join me in my first spell and he agreed much to my surprise! :two_hearts: so I gathered all my materials and my husband and dragged him to the kitchen where I set everything up for the Herbal Harmony Tea to strengthen our bond!

I put the kettle on, boiled our water, lit the candle :candle: and we took our 3 deep breaths together.

We sat and emptied our minds enjoying each other’s company as I had read :open_book: before adding the tea :tea: and pouring some for my husband before making mine. (He added honey) Afrer letting the tea sit for 2 minutes I chanted the exact words from the article:

”May this ritual bring harmony and comfort
to the relationship we have.
May our bond be forever warm,
as is the water in our cups.”

After the chant and 2 minutes we took a sip as we looked each other in the eyes👀, enjoying the candle light, positive energy and peacefulness!

After slowly drinking our cups I cleaned :soap: the cups and kettle in the silence before extinguishing the candle.

I followed everything down to the T not wanting to get this wrong! In the end we sat in the peace and quiet enjoying each other’s company before proceeding with our nightly routines!

I just had to share because I was so excited for this new experience, the fact that my husband supported me and the new beginning in my life! For now I bid you good night though!

Blessed Be!

So I tried posting this off my phone last night but I kept getting an error message so I thought I’d share my first experience with you this morning!

Anyways, time to get the family up!

Love & Light


This is so heartwarming to read.
I’m ecstatic for you about your SO joining you in this. Absolutely a beautiful way to strengthen your bond with each other. Most find it hard to be comfortable in moments of silence but I can only imagine the intensity of looking into each other’s eyes. That’s something I know I take for granted in my relationship but after seeing this, I’ll be working on it.
Thank you for sharing!


What a lovely spell! And I’m so glad your hubby is there supporting you, I bet that gave your spell some extra oomph.


@janelle Hey it’s something I have been taking for granted until now as well! Honestly it was intense and amazing and I got shy ahaha but I did what I needed! It was a beautiful experience and I recommend it! I felt blessed that my SO joined in and didn’t laugh at or judge me! Instead he chose to support me! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


@Amethyst I felt like it definitely gave the spell an extra oomph. :smile: I also felt closer to him when he joined in! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Amavi this is so lovely to read :heart: I love how beautifully this spell went for you and hubby!
Congrats on your first tea spell! What an awesome start :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: sending lots of love and light :heart:


That’s so sweet! I’m glad your husband joined you! It’s always good to have support. And it’s ok if you don’t have an ingredient or two. That’s are substitutes. When I first began, I needed to have everything perfect and every ingredient. It’s your intention that matters. You don’t need any ingredients for that :wink: I’m happy you had fun with this too!


This is such a sweet and heart-warming spell, and I think it is so wonderful that your partner joined in! I agree with the others that this makes the ritual all the more powerful and the moment even more special :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you had a wonderful tea spell- congrats on your first! :tea::candle: Thanks so much for sharing this lovely experience, @Amavi :heart: