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I stumbled up this site Raven and Crone and in the herbs section they have a few hyperlinks for Herbal Information, Old World Herbs, and Herbal Substitutes. I had copied the information and made a pdf file, but I don’t know how to share that, so I thought I would just share the site and page.

Herbs and Sage, Raven and Crone


Thanks for sharing! What herbs do you mostly use and work with? Are there any herbs you are specifically consuming recently to work with their energetic properties in your body?

In a cacao ceremony I went to recently they put lavender in the cacao. That was a new experience to me!


Thanks for the link!


I use chamomile, lavender, rosemary, and bay leaves the most. I just started working with herbs, so figured I should find some more information on them.

I have had lavender with chamomile, never in cocoa! That sounds amazing!

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That ceremony sounds interesting! I have to research that! I’ve been using turmeric root and holy basil lately. I also use lavender, chamomile, mint, coffee! And many, many different teas.

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Thanks for sharing the link, @Susurrus!

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Ohhhhhh so many fun things in the Raven and Crone! It looks like they have a ton of things available in their shop- lots of herbs, but crystals and other products as well! :eyes: Thanks for sharing this fun site, @Susurrus! :two_hearts:

Basil, thyme, rosemary, lavender, sage, and chamomile right now- mostly kitchen witchy herbs for my cooking! :yum::bowl_with_spoon: I’ve had a chocolate bar with lavender buds in it before (sooo yummy! :chocolate_bar:) but I’ve never done a cacao ceremony! :star_struck: It sounds amazing!

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