Herbs and Spices

Hey Everyone I am a beginner Neo Pagan witch and am on the lookout for where to get cheap herbs and spices from…


Merry Meet @candicorn320, nice to meet you. I’m Siofra from Cape Cod. There are a few places that people get herbs from.

@SilverBear has an Etsy shop that has them. Along with other Etsy bundles of herbs that are available. Amazon has bundles of herbs too & incense resins if you would like to make your own with fresh herbs.

Raven & Crone has herbal listings that have the old world & modern names for the herbs & their correspondences & uses. They also sell herbs too.


I actually closed my Etsy shop and have just my own website now :upside_down_face:

Thank you for the referral :grinning:


Welcome, @candicorn320! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia.

Azure Green online has a little bit of everything, from bumper stickers to Herbs and Teas. Don’t forget to check out supermarkets and dollar stores too!


Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do! :slight_smile: I agree with @Amethyst – you can totally use herbs and spices from your local grocery store. I may be a bit biased because I’m very much into Kitchen Witchcraft and my practice tends to be super minimalist, but most of the herbs and spices I use are everyday items like bay leaves, basil (dried and fresh), cilantro (dried and fresh), etc. all of which are staples of pretty much any grocery store. One of my favorite things to do is to look in the “ethnic” aisles (as much as I abhor that term :roll_eyes:) because you can often find the same spices/herbs at much lower cost in the Hispanic/Latin section especially. Sometimes the Asian section has unique herbs/spices as well.

Most of my other herbs tend to be things that I can collect around me: plantain, black raspberries, juniper berries, etc. NECESSARY DISCLAIMER: If collecting your own herbs/seeds/etc. please please PLEASE make sure that you’re always being safe and only collecting things that you’re 10000000% sure are properly identified. If you’re ANY less than 100000000% sure you’ve properly identified something as being safe to consume internally, only use that item for external use or other ritual purposes (burning, etc.; however, also make sure that whatever you’re burning isn’t toxic to breathe in!)

Any other ingredients that I need that I can’t source from the grocery or dollar store, or that I can’t find around me, I tend to purchase from my favorite occult store in Columbus, OH: WitchLab.

The most important tip I can think of for a beginner: Don’t give in to the pressure to buy a ton of super expensive tools/herbs/spices/etc. Again, I might be biased because my personal craft is very minimalist in terms of what items I use in my practice, but I personally think think the most meaningful workings are ones where more intention goes into fewer ingredients than putting lots of effort into handling a bunch of ingredients and losing sight of the purpose of the working. Just my two cents’ worth of extra rambling :sweat_smile:


You’ve got some great suggestions here but my two are this…

:dollar: Don’t discount your local dollar store. They often have herbs, spices, and candles at fairly accessible prices.

:dollar: The herbs at the grocery store are just the same as fancy herbs you can buy at a metaphysical shop. Sometimes these are better to buy anyway, especially if you’re going to be consuming whatever it is you’re using.


I forgot to mention the ones in the spice cabinet at home! I have grabbed all kinds that I know we use for cooking too. :joy:


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