Hi I’m Aimee, Merry Meet!

Yes - it’s the talking to myself thing! I have realised I just CAN’T speak someone else’s words ( I am bad at memorising things). I also can’t make my chants/prayers rhyme. I think it reminds me too much of Macbeth! I am going to have to have a go at a weekly challenge. My personal goal this week was to have a go at meeting some people on this forum and it’s going well so far!
Thanks for your advice x


LOL! I got to do the Witch’s parts in senior year when we read the Scottish Play so it doesn’t bother me. But give yourself time and I bet you’ll be writing. RhymeZone is handy to have when you’re doing chants or prayers that you want to rhyme but they don’t always have to. Just let the words come from your heart.

Glad to have met you! And you’re doing great at this!


aimee_g, I’m in Florida, near Tampa.


@aimee_g I have just been here a couple of months. Really love this forum and coven. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. :grinning:


Hi Aimee,
I was born in Colorado, but I have not always lived here. I spent 5 years in Ireland, 1 year in Italy, 2 years in Germany, and I’ve also lived in Hawaii and Alaska, which is like living in a different country. My husband and I loved to explore, we tried to avoid the tourist attractions and go where the locals go. It was so much fun! My husband worked in IT so it was not all fun, but we played as much as we could. The world has changed so much, traveling is not fun anymore. Lovely meeting you @aimee_g


That would be the old Wizardry of Words Challenge! :man_mage: :open_book: :grinning: While it is a past challenge, they do reopen from time to time during Catch-Up weeks and all old badges can be earned once again :+1:

For anyone curious, there is a full list of previous challenges and the titles they award in Weekly Witchy Challenges :fire: A History

Yes, I have been to the UK- England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland! (not Northern Ireland yet, but hopefully someday :blush:). It’s tough to pick a favorite place in Europe as everywhere is so lovely and unique. But my partner is from Poland and I do really enjoy spending time there (not to mention tasty food like pierogi! :dumpling: :yum:).

Do you like to travel too, Aimee? If so, where are your favorite places to go? :sparkles:

Hahaha this is actually another tricky question- I like it! :smile: It’s tough to tell as I was one of those folks practicing magick before I actually knew it was magick or called it as such. I started looking into tarot about a decade ago and have always loved the moon, and my mother is an amazing gardener and fantastic cook and she taught me a lot growing up- but I didn’t start wearing the title of Green Witch/Kitchen Witch until about three years ago.

It’s tough to pinpoint exactly when it was, but I suppose I’ve been self-identifying as a witch/pagan for three years now :woman_mage: :sparkles:

It is always a pleasure to meet fellow witchy souls! I hope you’ve been enjoying the forum so far and making yourself at home here, Aimee! :heart:


Wow thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. I will definitely have a go at a challenge, maybe next week when I am off work.
Gosh you’re well travelled! I have been to America a couple of times and a few places in Europe but I haven’t travelled a lot over the last few years. I think any future travel will be the slow type (train, boat etc) but I quite like the adventure of that! I am a very easily satisfied with a long walk and a pint in a pub! I haven’t been to Poland. I have just looked up pierogi, they look a lot like gyoza which I love (though I have never tried to make them from scratch!)Where in England did you visit? If you’re ever back over this way I would recommend the SW (obvs because it’s where I live and I love it!!!).
That’s interesting about your path to witchcraft. I know what you mean about being drawn to the moon, I am quite scientifically minded so was really interested in bio-dynamic farming as well. I am just getting into tarot. Just drawing a card a day to meditate on before work! Lovely to meet you anyway, thanks for being so welcoming xx


I know what you mean about avoiding tourist attractions, people individually are interesting but I am not too keen on a crowd! Give me a forest any day (you can never have too many trees). You don’t always need to travel far to have an experience but it’s great that you managed to visit and live in so many great places. Lovely to meet you too xx


WOW! These pictures are beautiful! I want to live there too! I have always wanted to live either by the ocean or in the mountains. It calls to the part of me that is restless and needs healing.

I am so, so sorry for the delayed response! I started my new job yesterday and I am going to be a very busy little newbie witch. I’m helping a long time friend open a hospice from scratch and the adventure has just begun!

I totally get not wanting to be around a lot of people :grinning: I become completely drained and out of sorts in crowds. And I have anxiety and panic attacks too. I believe I may be a highly sensitive empath but I’m not sure. I can sense everyone’s energy pretty well. Negative people stick out like a dark cloud. No good!

Maybe one day I could come visit and you can show me all the pretty spots! :sunflower: :rose:


@stephanieanne76 Wow what a compassionate endeavour to be involved in.It’s so good to be doing something like that for your community, but I imagine it is a lot of hard work for you. Are you a nurse? Best of luck with it all. I wanted to thank you anyway, for sparking my interest in Gaia. I meditated with Gaia as my focus last night and felt very connected in a way I haven’t before. It makes so much sense as nature is my sacred place, but I guess I was thinking more of my ancestral pantheon (anglo saxon) so had not considered connecting to the Greek pantheon. So thanks again for putting the thought in my mind!
My daughter is an ocean lover, I am definitely more drawn to forests. It is funny how we all find our pull in different places.
I know what you mean about crowds/anxiety - I do everything I can to avoid it. I can sense and react to energies quite strongly - negative/positive whatever is around me affects me.
I would love a visitor to this part of the world! Please let me know if you’re ever around.
I hope that your new venture goes really well. Please don’t worry about responding quickly or at all if you don’t have time, I know what it is like to work and have a family.
Have a blessed day x


Welcome, @aimee_g! Glad you’re here!! :sparkles: :grin:


Thanks so much for your welcome @BrightBear ! I hope you’re having a blessed day :blush:


Oh no, I’m not a nurse @aimee_g but I know tons of them lol. I actually run the office or develop the business. I’ve worked in hospice for 14 plus years now. I love to help people and what we do is magical. We help take the scariness out of passing on and make it a very beautiful and peaceful moment. No pain for the patient, lots of support for hurting families. I even had my mom on hospice service with my previous employer when she passed. The best gift she ever gave me was showing me at the moment of her death that there really is something beautiful waiting for us and I watched her soul rise. It was indescribable.

I’m so glad I could help you feel closer to Gaia. She brings great comfort and being in any nature I can find brings me peace. I love Greek mythology! And anything magical. I once did an activation with a spiritual teacher I really like to listen to and it was out of this world! That is when my interest in Gaia really sparked.
Here is a picture of my altar currently, I change it often. I have a really nice depiction of Gaia next to my cast iron fear burner.

My daughter loves the ocean too! We both do. I miss being young. I used to love to dive under the waves like a mermaid :heart_eyes: Don’t feel bad, I get pulled in my directions too. It is only here in this community that I have really had a chance to start expressing who I am. No one else in my life knows of my beliefs except my daughter. This coven is my refuge.

I always really have to protect and prepare myself if I am going to go out in a crowd. The anxiety is the worst!

I would love to visit everyone! I would love to be like a gypsy and travel the world. The earth is so immense and no one honestly gets to experience all of its majesty.

I love talking to you @aimee_g ! Have a wonderful night! Blessed Be!


@aimee_g & @stephanieanne76 my daughter loves the ocean too! We are within walking distance to a beach & we are out on my neighbor’s boat during the summer. I was a “fish” when I was younger so I’m happy that she loves it just as much as I did.

I have been using hospice services since August after they were with my mother & I’m still dealing with complex grief. They are amazing & offer a great outlet for the out-of-the-blue feelings that come my way from the left & right. The hospice that I am working with is amazing, but now that I have been referred to therapy, they said I should be okay because I also have a psychiatrist that does psychotherapy. Hospice employees are amazing people to deal with what they do on a daily basis & still be able to smile.


@Siofra_Strega So sorry to hear about your mum. I am not surprised you are still grieving. You’re right, hospices do incredible work with patients and families. Like you say, the staff see so much. I think it’s a calling for some people. I am glad you’ve had great support from them and that you’re going in to therapy as well. I think people in the US in the main seem more open to talking therapies. Waiting lists for help here are about 2-3 years unless you’re in crisis! That’s through the NHS though.
My daughter loves to be in the sea and is usually naked within about 1 minute of stepping on the beach (maybe not now as she grows older and more self-conscious though!)That’s even in pretty chilly British weather. I love a walk on the beach but I am no sunbather. I get fed up of sand in my lunch!
Have a blessed day. I will think of you and your mum when I am marking the full moon x


It’s my pleasure, @aimee_g! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And yes, absolutely- there is a new challenge each week, so feel free to jump in whenever the current theme calls to you! :raised_hands:

It sounds like you are quite the traveler yourself, Aimee- that is so cool! And I agree, sometimes the best adventures are the ones we take close to home to relax or enjoy the nature around us :national_park: :blush:

Hahaha yes, pierogi are quite similar to gyoza! :dumpling: Although they go a bit wild in Poland and make dessert versions (I’ve never seen a dessert gyoza before, but they could be out there! :joy:). Blueberry, chocolate, forest berries, etc- quite a tasty treat! :yum: I hope you can try peirogis someday!

I did a summer program at Oxford when I started university and then went back to visit a few years later since I loved it so much! I also took some time to visit Brighton for a Chinese tea meditation program and I really enjoyed the cute seaside town there :ocean: :tea: I’ll actually be passing through London in a few weeks, but unfortunately we only have a few days (an extended layover really) and won’t get to do too much- but I hope I’ll be able to come back for a longer trip and see the beauty of England again soon! :heart: It sounds like your Southwest is lovely!

How exciting that you are getting into tarot- it is a very fascinating area of magick! The daily card is a great way to get into it, I hope you are enjoying it and having fun exploring the cards! :black_joker:

Lovely to meet you as well, Aimee- and same to you! You are a delight to talk with and the forum is blessed to have you :infinite_roots: :two_hearts:


Thanks @TheTravelWitch_Bry - Brighton is a great little place, Chinese tea meditation sounds really interesting, I will have to look that one up!
The South West is great and of course there are places like Glastonbury and Stonehenge in this area which I reckon you’d like!
Enjoy your next adventure and speak soon :heart: :slightly_smiling_face:


I have had the pleasure to use hospice for my family A wonderful dedicated compassionate group. The separation is real and the immense but the hospice folks really and truly the BEST I thank you for what you do!!


I am so glad you were taken care of @Siofra_Strega by a wonderful hospice. The secret to the smile is the passion for our job. I don’t like to see people in pain, none of us do, because of cancer or any other horrible terminal illness. Everyone in this world deserves dignity, comfort, peace, and the right to pass where they feel most at home. The hospice my team is building is going to be like no other. Our foundation will be built on integrity, compassion, and true care. A lot of these bigger corporate owned hospices like where I worked before only care about money and numbers.

In California, for every patient that comes on service and has never used hospice before, that hospice receives 31,000 plus dollars. Unfortunately, death has become a moneymaker and patient care suffers. Not on my watch. This opportunity has been my dream for many years. I give many thanks to the Holy Spirit & Gaia daily for this gift.


Honestly the company that took care of my mother is apparently VT based, but we have them where I am on Cape Cod. I’m guessing it’s a big one anyway. The 3 people that I dealt with were amazing. One of them actually worked with my mother in the past & the grief services were very helpful. She had said this actually sounds like complex grief. Then the next time she said that I should really seek a psychiatrist for possible medications but I went the psychotherapy & leave my medications alone route. Which led me to a weekly therapist. All of those women were so supportive of my mother & then of me. @Amethyst was right that I should use help where it is offered & now I am doing much better. :heart: