Hi I’m Aimee, Merry Meet!

Hi everyone!
have been a lurker on the forum for a while (I don’t do social media as it’s sadly pretty toxic in my experience) but have plucked up the courage to introduce myself since you seem like such a lovely and supportive bunch of people.
I’m pretty new to this, although my love and reverence for nature and lucid dreaming have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.
Is there anyone on the forum who is also from the UK? I am in Somerset (not far from Glastonbury). I’d love to connect with some like- minded people as I don’t know anyone with similar witchy interests in real life! :first_quarter_moon_with_face::full_moon_with_face::last_quarter_moon_with_face:


@aimee_g Welcome to the forum! This is my social media too. Minus having Snapchat because of my daughter. Everyone here is very friendly & supportive of your unique path.

We have more than a few members from the UK, I just can’t remember them all but we do have a topic Where in the World are the Witches? GROUP POLL! 2022 :map: that could tell you more about where we are in the world.

I also know that in the UK is a subscription box that seems to be wonderful for beginners & all witches that are known as the Wonky Broomstick. It’s a monthly box that comes with witchy items & things like that, @IrisW gets them regularly. They are very similar to the Tamed Wild boxes that I get here in the US.

I’m from Cape Cod, MA, USA I just came back to the craft in July of 2020. I am an Eclectic Witch & I practice or lean more toward :triquetra: Celtic/Irish Paganism. I work with The Morrigan & Brighid :triskele: as deities. They are my balance of light & dark deities that have kept me moving forward on my path. I’m in a much better place now.

Also, it should be recognized that you took a big step in introducing yourself. Lurkers are fine but it takes a certain amount of strength to open up & make that first step. I’m so happy that you did & I hope to see you more in the forum! :hugs:


Thank you so much for your reply! I will definitely check out the subscription box, that sounds really cool.
My daughter is a bit young for Snapchat and all those things as yet, but I am sure the time will come!
If you came back to the craft fairly recently, when did you start? I was brought up Christian but have long since rejected the idea of formal belief systems (not a fan of hierarchies in general!)
The fact that witchcraft is such a personal path is very appealing and the idea of God and Goddess makes so much sense when you spend a long time in nature. I’m drawn to green witchcraft mainly. I’ve had a garden for many years now but am planning to focus my growing on medicinal plants.
Thanks again for your welcome.
I am getting a lot from the site already and looking forward to more chat on the forum.
Have a blessed day :blush:


Hi Aimee. The subscription box @Siofra_Strega mentioned can be found here:


The Wonky Broomstick is a shop in Glastonbury and Kate who runs it is lovely.


Thank you @IrisW! :smiling_face:

My daughter is technically old enough, but I have 1 to keep tabs on her stories & things of that nature.

When I was 15(ish) I practiced with a coworker that turned into my best friend at the time. Circumstances at the time meant that her family had to move, so I tried to stay practicing on my own then life started happening in rapid-fire. Now that I have 2 adult children & a 12-year-old daughter, well, 13 in less than a month, I have time to dedicate to my craft.

I was brought up Catholic. I never really accepted it though. When I came back around to my practice, (I went through a, I’m sick of hiding my interests & just want to be myself phase) I felt more comfortable & have made some great friends since July of 2020 when I came back & started really practicing & learning about where my path is headed.

My children know & my husband knows & fully supports me. He makes me things for my practice or will buy me something towards it or find something that I may be able to use.

We have a small greenhouse & a garden in our backyard. You can do a lot with things you can find in your cabinets too. Some things it’s good to have some growing or nearby.

The courses on Spells8 have a couple of sets on apothecary & green witch practices. So keep a lookout for those as well.


Hi Aimie😁. I’m in Independence, Missouri. I am new to this path, but have always found interest in it. I also have found most social media to be toxic. Especially with the last 2+years.


@aimee_g & @flowing I deleted my Instagram, Facebook, & up until my daughter wanted SnapChat, that too. I only use it to talk to my daughter or we take selfies with the filters. :smiling_face:

I found that it affected my anxiety/panic & was just nothing good to be found except drama & arguments that are disguised as differences of opinion. Plus, why doesn’t anyone want to keep their lives private anymore, some things people would share blew my mind. So for me, it was the best thing I had ever done. I feel like my life is my own & not a competition for likes or comments or followers. Now, this is my social media & I meet wonderful people & learn something new every day. Without my practice, i wouldn’t have found shadow work & a book of mirrors & that led to really finding my root cause & being able to work on myself in a more constructive & positively productive.


Thank you! I looked on the site. It looks great actually. I’m not sure if I’ve been in that shop but will definitely look out for it when I am next in Glasto.


My husband and daughter know too and are supportive. My husband can see that the practice is good for me and my daughter has enjoyed Yule and Imbolc celebrations.
It’s great that you found this path so early In life and have then been drawn back to it. I don’t know what I would have brought to it at that age so it’s probably best that I have found it now. It’s something that has just grown from my love of nature and connection to pagan practices.
You can probably grow different things to me in your garden! We used to have an allotment but we only have our garden now so I am focusing on herbs and plants for making tea etc. I have already looked at some of the green witch stuff here which is helping me to make growing plans!


Facebook is TERRIBLE if you suffer from anxiety. I am an introvert as well and just don’t feel the need to broadcast the minutiae of every moment of my life! Also these platforms are set up to be pretty addictive and you can spend so long reading things which have no benefit to you or anyone else
reading them. It’s almost like the opposite of this forum really.


Hi @flowing Nice to meet a relatively new person. What drew you to the craft? Do you still use social media? I felt a lot better once I deleted Facebook! You can feel a bit out of the loop though …
I have to confess I had to look on a map to work our where Missouri is! You probably have a different climate to England …


Welcome @aimee_g ! I am also new and I am so glad you took the step to reach out. This community is very lovely and supportive.

We have very similar views. I was raised primarily Christian and have great faith in the Holy Spirit but I have never been comfortable in the church setting. I don’t like other people telling me what I should believe in.

My beliefs are natured based and I too feel like the God and Goddess make more sense. Gaia really calls out to my spirit. I would love to hear more about your garden!

My daughter and I live in Long Beach, California and we would love to start our own little garden in the backyard but I would not know where to start lol!

Once again, welcome and merry meet!


Hey @stephanieanne76! Gaia has a lot of pull for me too, I’m definitely drawn to the divine feminine, I guess you must feel very connected to Gaia’s struggles in California with climate change etc. here the spring has come so much earlier - my daughter has already seen her first bee this year.
Do you grow anything at the moment? My advice is to start with things that find your climate agreeable. I’ve tried growing more exotic things occasionally but it feels like a struggle. I live near a lot of open countryside (think the Shire from lord of the rings!) so we do get some flowers which self- seed and are really strong. Would you be able to grow white sage? I have got a couple of native sage plants starting from babies indoors at the moment. Maybe just think about some things you’d like to use in your magical workings then see what grows where you are!
How old is your daughter? My daughter Coco is 9. We only have the one. She is a nature lover like me. She likes to help in the garden for about 5 mins and then gets a bit bored, but she does like to make potions for my plants in her mud kitchen. Xx


I’m not sure exactly where to start. So if this goes over the place I apologize. I have always been spiritual and was raised loosely as a Christian. I have been Lutheran, Baptist, Pentecostal and messianic. I’ve always had interest in ghosts, spirits and things like that. It’s just that I had always been afraid to go into much detail on police based on the fact that all of this was “of the devil“ and I was wrong to believe that stuff according to some and myself at the time.


California is beautiful but the weather never really changes lol. I like to see the seasons come and go. We are a very thirsty state. It is so dry. I praise Gaia when we actually get a day with moisture, ocean breezes, and beautiful sunshine that is not full of smog! I wish I had the the view of the open countryside you do! I love to be outdoors. In a few years, my plan is to buy a home in Idyllwild, which is a beautiful mountain town in the San Jacinto Mountains. It’s a 2 to 3 hours drive from where I live in the city but my daughter and I love it there. Everyone close to me thinks I’m crazy but oh well lol! That place speaks to me.

My daughter Malindy is 17 and a senior in high school this year. Time flies so enjoy every moment with your love. We have tried growing Rosemary in our backyard but this drought just seems to kill everything. I have thought of hiring a landscaper that could help me create a more drought resistant yard and create a space somewhere that gives plants, flowers, and vegetables a place to thrive. But that takes money in this high cost state!


Welcome @aimee_g ! I am Rachel from Missouri in the US. I too have deleted most social media as it was really too toxic to my mental Health. I am so glad you are here and look forward to talking with you.


Your post is a reminder to feel gratitude for what we have around us. I’ve been a bit grumpy today because it’s rained non-stop, but it must be so hard to live somewhere so parched. There are certainly still seasons here but it’s a lot less distinct than it was when I was a child. We sat on a beach in Wales a couple of days after Christmas Day and it was warm. The changes to our climate seem benign in comparison to yours. Do you grow indoors? That might be the only way to regulate your growing environment!
idylwild (sp???) sounds beautiful. Is it a big town? We recently moved from a smallish city (500k people) to a village nearby. It is such a huge change. Do you think you’d move once your daughter is in college? I don’t think it’s crazy to move from a city.
My idea of heaven is to move to a cabin in the west of Wales. Preferably in the middle of a forest xx


Hey Rachel! I’ve educated myself today so I know where Missouri is at least. I’m glad I’ve finally decided to speak up today. This is such a welcoming forum. How long have you been on here? Thanks for your welcome.


Striving for balanced mental health seems to be a big topic on this forum. It’s so great that we have found this path to follow. There are so many opportunities for healing. I hope your health is better now at least xx


Send the rain this way! We need some gloomy days lol! What is a beach in Wales like? I bet it is beautiful? Is the water blue and clear? I haven’t the room to grow inside. My house is small and old. It was built in 1928. Not many windows get adequate sunlight and when its cold its cold and when its hot its hot! But it is a quiet neighborhood and this is where I grew up. I have a good deal when it comes to rent so I cannot complain.

This is Idyllwild…



A small town surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests. I love it! And it is a change I welcome with all my spirit. I manifest this everyday!