Hi my name is OCD (not really an introduction LOL)

Living my entire life as an OCD neat nut (I’m good with that), I spent my weekend organizing the things, all the things both mine and my granddaughters!

We have not started anything yet really, we are preparing to do our first circle and initial cleanse and blessing of all the things. We went antique shopping and found the most wonderful antique tea set so we can have some yummy tea while we work through this together.

Once we are finished with that our next step will be to cleanse our entire home of negative energy, of course.

So I started with our resins, herbs and miscellaneous ingredients, waiting on our apothecary cabinet to get here (and still have to make the real labels for the jars).
Can’t wait to craft some candle dressings and other oils!

Then sorted our crystals and labeled them.

Since we don’t have a dedicated room for our craft, I got train cases and worked on our altar sets.

Then our incense/smoking/cleansing stuff that includes our adorable new cauldrons!

Organized our intention writing sets and even added wax seals to that.

Got one for our spell jars and bags.

And since my other hobby is papercrafting (cards, interactive albums, scrapbooks etc.) I made us both an apothecary tool box.

My OCD is very, very happy today!

Anyone else OCD like me?


Oh please organise my stuff. This is fabulous. I love it. My teenage son has autism with OCD features. He’s great for organising my cupboards, I should let him help me with my magic stuff, it’s in 2 boxes, all together, just in them. You have a wonderful collection. :sparkling_heart:


That makes me so happy!! I know all of it will serve you well!!


Oh it’s all lovely :heart_eyes:! I think its great that you are sharing this with your granddaughters too :hugs: I have a bit of OCD going on here too. Except mine is a bit of overwhelmed with reorganizing my space right now :rofl:

I love :heart: the cases & all the crafting! I do a lot of papercrafts along with other forms too. My daughter & I have made scrapbooks before :smiling_face:

I hope everything serves you well & your apothecary cabinet gets there soon too!


I love the idea of the train cases as I don’t have a way to set up an altar and this seems like a good way of making it mobile. I might need to copy this idea if that’s ok. Also love your crystal collection I might need to find a way of organising mine too.


That is amazing, and yes I have OCD too.


Nice! You’ve got a great setup there! All sorts of things, I’m jealous! LOL!


Oh wow, that’s quite an impressive collection of tools! :heart_eyes: I love how organized it is and that you’ve got a tool (or set) for all of your most important things. It looks great!


Absolutely, feel free to use any of the ideas here.

Oh yes you should, autism is actually amazing to me and if he is good at organizing I would def have him do it!

My best piece of advice to anyone having trouble moving past the chaos (we as humans do not deal with chaos very well, we’re not adapted to it), move the chaos first, clear it out of the space you want to organize. Even if you have to stack it in the hallway or dining room or wherever, just clear the space. Then look at your space and picture in your mind what you think/feel should be there in each area and only focus on one. Do each small area the same way and don’t let something get you sidetracked, like if you find a crystal and your working on your herbs, set the crystal aside in a basket or box and stay focused on the herbs. Before you know it your entire space will be all done and the chaos you moved out will be cleared.

Haha, you would all probably giggle at me if I showed you all my papercrafting stuff!!!


Yes I like you and all that is wonderful! I love it all. Great work!


Good morning @dorothy5 . Nice to meet you here, I’m Tracy from England. Welcome. :sparkling_heart:


@suzanne7 :hugs: thats kind of what I was doing in reverse… inagining what I want it to look like but the chaos is still there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ll see if I can at least start clearing things out later this morning! Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@dorothy5 welcome to the forum! I hope you’re enjoying it here. :blush:



I think this is great advice! :clap: The chaos can be dealt with later :joy: the room and organization of what you want can be taken care of first.

Hello there @dorothy5 :wave: Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum!


What an accomplishment- everything looks amazing, Suzanne! :heart_eyes: You and your granddaughter have some really lovely witchy treasures. I imagine it was a lot of work but also lots of fun going through everything :sparkles:

And are those mini brooms in the fold-out boxes/train cases? They are super cute! :broom: :two_hearts:

Great work! :clap:

@dorothy5 Wishing you a warm welcome, Dorothy- make yourself at home here! :heart::blush:


Hello @dorothy5

I just wanted to pop in and welcome you to the forum :infinite_roots: It’s so nice to have you here!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Hi @dorothy5! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:


Bry, yes they are, I got the whole set from MagickbyMariposa, she makes the most lovely altar sets.

My granddaughter’s pronouns are they/he/him so her OOAK altar set is all rainbow colors, it’s so cute.

I am cheering you onwards!

Thank you Dorothy and a warm welcome to you.


The brooms are gorgeous (thank you for the link!) and I love that they come in a rainbow set :rainbow: :broom: Your granddaughter must be thrilled with them- they are very lucky to have such a loving and supportive grandmother! :heart::blush:

Blessed be!


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