Hibiscus Rose Body Scrub

So I made this about a month ago and only just ran out last week. This scrub is awesome! My skin turned out so soft and smooth and I smelled soo nice! :two_hearts: I was even able to forego moisturizer for a few days after use; and I’m usually suffering from super dry and itchy skin; especially fresh out the shower.

Hibiscus Rose Sugar Scrub

Coconut Oil

Red Rose Petals

Hibiscus Petals (Hibiscus sabdariffa, the medicinal/ingestible plant)

Himalayan Pink Salt

White Granulated Sugar

Measurements are left off so you can make it how you want it

I did equal parts of pink salt and sugar, about 1/4 cup hibiscus, 2 tbsp cold pressed coconut oil (I don’t like using fractionated, since I don’t want to risk making my mixture soupy), and just a sprinkling of rose petals.


Lovely! I’ll have to make myself some this week. I get horrible eczema on my hands in colder weather if I forget to moisturize.


@Kasandra I can relate to that :grimacing: I used to get bad outbreaks when I was growing up all on my arms and thighs.

You could try a calendula/comfrey salve for that one! I use that for my daughter’s eczema and diaper rashes and it helps! It takes some time to make though because you need to make infused oils, but! That process can be sped up by putting the jars you have the plants infusing in, into a crockpot with water on low for 12-24 hours, or on high for 6-8 hours :slight_smile: (just put a rag under the jars if you do the crockpot!)


Ooh, that sounds lovely! I bet it smells great!


I’m with @Velle about using calendula for eczema, @Kasandra- I used to have horrible eczema that was prone to spreading all over my hands, especially in the winter. A calendula salve saved me- now I have a small jar of it on me at all times! Highly recommended! :grin:

Same here, and it’s always the worst at this time of year with the heat running and the dry air! :worried:

This hibiscus and rose scrub sounds absolutely heavenly, Velle- you’ve got some gorgeous ingredients in there! And I have to admit that I really love the pink theme. I think this would be an amazing inclusion to Friday Magick Self-Love spellwork! :rose::hibiscus:

Thank you so much for sharing, Velle! :heart:


My daughter has recurring eczema worse this time of year too. We have forced hot air so it gets really dry, that’s with cool mist diffusers & humidifier going in the house. (My middle son gets really bad bloody noses & my daughter has started getting them to the drier the air.)

I love body scrubs & hibiscus :hibiscus: I have a little hibiscus that I saved from mine this year. I will have to get the coconut oil though. I also have calendula, so I will have to find a good recipe for the salve. I could put it in a mini jar (think tiny jelly jar) so she can carry it to school with her or in her bag. :partying_face:

Thank you so much for this! It will also be my first time making a salve! I’m excited to try this out! :star_struck:

How to Make Healing Calendula Salve


I feel like I can smell the scent of it from here! I bet it smells and feels amazing! Thanks for sharing it!


Ow I can’t wait to try this I suffer with dry skin!
Thank you and this is going in my Bos
Thank you I :heart: it! I dread taking a shower but I think this will add a sweet aroma to the aftermath!


I wonder… Could I use a cocoa butter oil type thing in place of the coconut oil since my boyfriend is allergic to coconut?


I don’t see why not! :slight_smile: I’d definitely make a test batch just to see how the consistency is! I haven’t tried using butters in my scrubs yet​:sweat_smile: but it’s definitely an idea!


@phoenix_dawn hi yes you can sub out anything but In scrubs and lotion recipe you have to have a similar consistency of the solids and or oils. Coconut oil is firm at room temp and melts on skin contact so any butter or oil that does the same will work great. Hope that helps. And I can’t use coconut either lol.