Hierophant Reversed- Career

Hi Everyone, i just had a question about a the Hierophant card i pull in reverse. My question was will i get the job? This is as i have an upcoming job interview the company seems pretty keen to hire me which is what i have been looking forward to however, it has kind of tipped the boat so to say even though it hasn’t happened yet as me and my partner have similar although also different ideas of what life might be like inn terms of money, housin etc, if i do get the job.
I know in reverse it stands for Abuse of position, Poor Counsel, Breakdown and Rejection of family values, but i thought maybe someone had a more direct opinion in regards to my intentions.
Just so you know i am all for getting this job as it has been a goal of mine to work and make some money and my partner is divided as he will be unemployed at home with too much time on his hands not to mention it will leave our current welfare and housing situation unknown possibly effecting them in extreme cases which i think the amount of income from the job should make up for this issue if not even improve things.
So let me know what you think… :blush:


I view the Hierophant as a figure of religion, structure, and established methods, so when this card appears reversed, I read it as these things being “turned on their head”. In addition to the meanings you noted, it could be a sign of a long-standing situation being broken, moving away from religion and structure, and moving in a new direction.

So looking at the Reversed Heirophant directly in response to your question, it seems to me to not point not towards a yes/no (and Tarot sure is infamous for dodging the yes/no questions :sweat_smile:), but rather that this card is pointing towards the factors that are influencing you around the job- these things are going to affect how you act in the interview, in your communication with the company, and when you receive the offer.

I would say that this card is telling you that it is how much you give into these things and let them influence you- the pressure of structure, religion, power, family values, etc- that will be what pushes your job application one way or the other.

Just my two cents offered up for your consideration! If you’re ever unsure about a card you draw, you can always re-shuffle and pull another “clarifying card” to help you get a better feel for what it is trying to tell you.

Wishing you all the best at the job interview- good luck and blessed be! :heart:


I agree with @BryWisteria but also wanted to add a couple of things.

  • Major Arcana are pointing towards large themes playing out in your life, the big things that are a continual type of influence.
  • Tarot is a bit tough for yes/no questions but it can be done… one of the easiest ways to interpret a yes/no answer is that if the card is upright - yes if the card is reversed - no
  • For more specific yes/no interpretations… The Hierophant is mostly associated with a Maybe answer rather than yes or no.

I hope that helps & also I would think about the question asked & when you look at the card, what feelings, thoughts, emotions come up for you when you see it or saw it when doing the reading? Did any phrases come to you when you were reading or interpreting the reading?


In experience with the Hierophant card for a career reading, it meant that I was only put in my application to the job because I thought it’s what I SHOULD apply for, based on what my family had said. I was all for getting the job, as you are right now, but I realized later on, that it wouldn’t be something I would excel at, let alone be happy in. I needed to do things my way.
Was this job recommended to you by a family member? If this doesn’t apply to you, the Hierophant reversed could mean that the job could cause some friction in your family because it’s not the job they think you should have (i.e., it doesn’t make enough money, you would make a better {job title}).


I agree with everything that everyone has already said, I just wanted to offer up one more suggestion. Based on the previous information we have about your relationship with you and your husband, I think this card represents him. You getting this job will flip his world upside down and he will most likely fight against you having the job every single step of the way. I can’t say whether or not the answer to your question is a yes or no, but I think it’s saying if your husband has any say in the matter, the answer will be no.


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