Holiday help in the States

Not sure how many people know about this so I figured I would share.

If you are looking for help or looking to help Santa with letters in the US Operation Santa is an option. They are accepting letters now.

There are no guarantees but the main reason letters are rejected is address not being in the right places.

Child’s first and last name and address as the return address, at the end of the letter and in the little square at the bottom.

Last name and address are only for the post office and will blacked out before it’s posted.

The format is basically
Dear Santa
Why you should get presents
Something like I’ve been good/helpful/kind (specifics like help with sibling, dishes… add a nice touch)
Or something like I haven’t been listening/helping as much as I should but I’m trying and I will do better next year.
I would like…
Be specific, add sizes for clothes…
Don’t forget please
Nothing alive or super expensive
Adding how are you/the reindeer… ? Adds a bit of cuteness
Don’t forget thank you
Full name and address
A small bit of child’s artwork is a cute touch

If you would like to help a child or family, they have opened up sign up and the letters will be up on November 20th. There is no price cap, but there are a number and box size limit. The bring to post office time ends I think early January.


This is so cute! We didn’t have stuff like this and NORAD’s Santa Tracker when I was a kid. I’m jealous!


I love reading the letters, most of them are so sweet. Some are a little sad and some are like “Wow someone should have checked this one before it went in the envelope.” but it’s mostly a heartwarming read.


Oh this is awesome @Nixi! I have never heard of this before! :star_struck: It would have been great when my children were younger! We have a mailbox on the Village Green that is for letters to Santa :santa: I honestly have no idea where they go or what happens to them :thinking: Also newer since my kids got older.

I’ll have to share the link with my friend in town that helps with the Service Center for the town :blush:

I’ve always used NORAD Santa Tracker too @Amethyst When my daughter was younger I also used an app once we got all the presents in the living room & like in stages of being put under the tree :christmas_tree: I had an app that you could take pictures & add in Santa during & after the presents :gift: were there to say I caught him with the hidden camera we put up. Now to remember what the name of that was :face_with_monocle:


Let me know if you think of the name of the app that would be so cool.

Unfortunately we can’t use a Santa tracker as Santa visits us on his practice run on Christmas Eve. We go to my in-laws’ on Christmas Day and I refuse to have a “Here you have time to open one or two before we leave” Christmas.


@Nixi… I’ll see if it’s attached to my old Google that my son now uses for things. :thinking: I’ll get back to you! :revolving_hearts:


I’ve used an app like that, too @Susurrus – it’s called Portable North Pole!


Ah ha! I just found it in my Google play thingy from an older email address…

It says Capture the Magic of Santa :santa:


For anyone who might want to adopt a letter, the first batch of letters will be posted at 12pm UTC
The letters go quickly the first day or 2. When they are gone, there will be a countdown until the next batch. Previous years, the second batch was posted at 8pm UTC

For anyone that wants to submit a letter, that are still accepting letters. The templates, directions and address are all on the site

@Susurrus I found the app, it’s all behind a pay wall now but the basic package is only a couple dollars so that shouldn’t be an issue. I’m so excited


:roll_eyes: of course it is! Pfffttt…

There were some things that were but it was still really good for using without paying anything for it.

I’m so sad :frowning_face: they put up a huge paywall.



Sorry everyone I just realized I sent the wrong link. There’s one where you can sign up to adopt letters . That’s where you’ll help Santa read them and write the children back. I will edit with the new link in a just a second


Hi :wave: I moved your post to a current thread with the same topic. Thank you for also sharing :hugs: Any other links or information can also be added here as well! :revolving_hearts:


That link is just fine. It goes to the main page with adopt letters and write letters buttons


They seem to have changed a few things this year. December 11th is the last day to send a letter. December 18th is the last day to adopt a letter and also the last day to ship for delivery by Christmas.

I didn’t see a last call, better late than never shipping deadline like previous years but I’m on the other side of the table this year and didn’t read the full instructions on adopting a letter.

Another change is the letters seem to be being posted in a trickle as apposed to a huge dump all at once.