🏺 Holistic and Delicious- Protective Oil for the Cabinet Apothecary

:amphora: An entry to the Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Holistic Magick : A Witch’s Apothecary :amphora:

Greetings to all! :heart:

I took some time this weekend to blend together some Green Witchery with Kitchen Witchery for an entry to this week’s apothecary challenge.

This is a very beginner-friendly magickal recipe that combines medicinal herb/plant knowledge with a touch of magick.

Here we go~!

Protective Culinary Oil

The base of this blend is extra-virgin olive oil that draws out the magickal deliciousness of herbs steeped within.

Note that the exact amounts of herbs added will depend on your personal taste preferences. And always feel free to mix and match with your favorite culinary herbs! :herb:

~~ Ingredients ~~

:oil_drum: Extra-virgin olive oil- a delicate oil made from olives that is a staple in Medittearean diets and is believed to be heart-healthy. In magick, olive oil is associated with both love and protection.

:herb: Rosemary- a popular medicinal and culnary herb with antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammory commounds. In magick, rosemary is seen as an “all-purpose” herb with protective and purifying properties.

:herb: Sage- a medicinal herb with digestive-enhancing properties. In magick, sage is known for cleansing and diminishing negative energies.

:red_circle: Sweet Paprika / Chili Powder- The spice of chili pepper adds heat to a dish and helps to improve circulation in the body. Its magickal uses include correspondence to fire and imbuing spellwork with energy.

:garlic: Garlic- a kitchen staple with anti-bacterial and heart-healthy properties. Magickally, garlic is used to combat bad energies and repel negativity.

Add your herbs to your container of choice, crushing the garlic before adding it in (this helps to release the helpful and healthy alliinase enzyme).

As you pour your olive oil over the ingredients in your vessel, you may choose to say a Protective Spell. There are many protection spells out there, for this oil I choose one from the Shaman Sage Blessing:

[Picture from Sage Protection Blessing Spell]

Leave the oil to steep for at least 24 hours, keeping it somewhere dark and cool to sit. A few shakes here and there help it along :grin:

When it’s steeped, you are ready to enjoy it! If you don’t mind the ingredients coming out with the oil, feel free to use an open-top container. If you’d rather separate the oil from the materials, consider straining your oil or using a container with a thin nozzle top.

~~ Ways to Use ~~

Extra-virgin olive oil is a delicate base and is better suited for less-intense cooking. While I wouldn’t use this oil to fry things in, it does have many possible uses in your kitchen apothecary.

It makes a wonderful dip for bread fresh from the oven, as a topping for pizza, a marinade for chicken salad or pasta salad, and as a dressing for salad :green_salad:

Do you use oils in cooking? If so, what are your favorite herbs to use? :herb: Have you made something similar before- magically enchanted or otherwise?

Would love to hear your cooking magick experiences with oils!

Blessed be, Infinite Roots :evergreen_tree: :infinity: :heart:


This sounds wonderful! @BryWisteria you made me drool! :drooling_face: LOL! And I bet it smells wonderful with all that rosemary and garlic! Great entry to the challenge!


That looks like a fine oil!!! You did a great job! Thanks for the recipe :yum:


Looks amazing @BryWisteria , thank you for sharing the recipe too!


Pre-enchanted food with kitchen Magic!! Thanks for sharing!! :smiley:


Thank you so much for your kind words, everyone! :blush::heart:

If anybody decides to experiment and make a cooking oil of their own, feel free to give a shout! I’d love to hear how it turns out :bowl_with_spoon: :sparkles:

Blessed be!