Holy ceres its works!

Hey beautiful people

I just thought i would give you some feedback i did the spells 8 prayer to ceres chant yesterday before my job interview and i just got a call then from work (they were supposed to call me this Thursday in regards to their decision but i guess there really eager to have me on their team!) that i got the job i wanted! Holy goddess it works! I usually suck at interviews but apparently the feedback was that i smashed it! Woo hoo

I would like to pay thanks to ceres is there any way i can do that? any suggestions would be most welcome

thank you spells 8 i’m so thankful

lots of love to you all

from a very happy little aussie


It’s not the spell, it’s the Witch! :mage: :woman_mage:

Sounds to me like Ceres heard your prayer!! August (Harvest season) is great for working with harvest deities! Congratulations on getting the job!! :clap: :clap:

You can prepare an altar for Her with harvest items (think of the Cornucopia or Horn of plenty) :

Grains, wine, honey, incense, baked goods. It doesn’t have to be so elaborate as the picture.


Gratitude is all most anything or one needs… Congratulations!! Spells do work…


Is their any specific thing i should say to express my thanks. Like i know the invocation provided helped her hear me, do i just use the same one again? Sorry im new to working with deities


Congrats on your new job, @kira-marie!!! :clap::sparkling_heart:

I’m not an expert on Ceres, but I think an offering with some of the items Francisco mentioned along with your internal intent of gratitude and thankfulness will carry your message back to her! :pray::ear_of_rice: If, while you are offering your thanks, you feel personal words bubble up inside you- definitely offer those words too. But you do not have to say anything if it doesn’t feel right or you don’t have the right words :speech_balloon:. Your intent and focus are the most important things! Good luck, and congrats again on your exciting new job! :confetti_ball::two_hearts:


Yay! Congratulations :tada::balloon::clap: I’m happy for you!


Thank you for all i’m very excited to start. I’m very lucky to get a job actually being in Melbourne where in stage 4 lock down, so i’ll be able to work from home a lot of people are relying on government handouts to survive its a really tough time down under right now so feeling very grateful


Congratulations @kira-marie! I’m glad you got the job you wanted!


@kira-marie Congratulations! I’m so happy that you got the new job and that you smashed the interview!

I’m new to working with deities, so I’m not sure how the proper way to thank Ceres is, but I’m sure you will do great. I’m so happy that your work with Ceres paid off!


The offerings really should be enough. You can add a prayer such as:

“Thank you Goddess for trusting me and choosing me for this job. May I never take for granted all the blessings you provide in my life.”

The Charge of the Goddess, for example, says:

“…all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals. Nor do I demand sacrifice, for my love is poured out upon the earth”

This means you can do anything that you want to do to show gratitude and appreciation: Water the flowers in your garden, plant something, make a donation, or simply thank your tools and implements.


Congratulations!! :bouquet::confetti_ball:


Congratulations, I’m super happy for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :tada:


yeah, I think is kinda crazy everywhere right now… :frowning_face:

and YAY :partying_face: for the new job!!! :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

As I am sure you already know Ceres (also known as the Greek goddess Demeter -see little foot note :arrow_heading_down: ) is the Goddess of the Harvest and is credited with teaching humans how to grow, preserve, and prepare grain and corn (farmers traditionally offered Ceres the first harvested stalk of grain)

So to quote Francisco

a Cornucopia YAY!! :corn: :baguette_bread: :potato:

If you are blessed with a garden or a plot of land, offer Her something from your personal harvest…
If you don’t, don’t panic :wink: you can try and get some organic km 0 corn flour (or normal) and bake something :cupcake: - so you can offer Her something uniquely yours (while having fun in the process)
Also have some beer (grains were first cultivated for the purpose of brewing beer, not baking bread)

Ceres is identified (and has become somewhat subsumed) with the Greek goddess Demeter - not many knows that the two were originally distinct spirits.

  • Ceres is the Roman Goddess of Harvest, the original Corn Mother, the Goddess of Grain.
  • Demeter is the Greek Goddess of the fertile soil and agriculture - She is in control of the Seasons, the dying of the earth in Winter and its rebirth in Spring.

The two were probably unified around 205 BCE, as part of Rome’s general religious recruitment of deities as allies against Carthage. (them devils this Romans :laughing: )

Now, often the name Ceres is used when Demeter is intended.
Because of this, her associations with Proserpina is eventually emphasised, but Ceres was originally venerated alongside

  • Liber (a god of viticulture and wine, fertility and freedom, patron to roman plebs, probably Her son)
  • and Libera (daughter of the Ceres and wife to Liber)
    [Libera was officially identified with Proserpina around 205 BC when, like her mother, she acquired a Romanised form of the Greek mystery rites and mythology]

Together they were called The Triadic Cult (or The Aventine Triad) and had their temple established on the Aventine Hill, in Rome, around 493 BC.

Unfortunately the temple is not there any more (shame shame :bell:), as almost all Ceres’ shrines were rededicated to the Virgin Mary (the most famous is the church of the Madonna of the Wheat Stalk, built over Ceres’ temple in Apulia, or the Roman Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, also built on a temple - this are both in Italy)


Also, in Native American culture the Corn Mother is the Mother Earth, the mother of all plants. It is said that she produced corn by rubbing her body, a practice that some found disgusting. In some myths she is out to death and in some she escapes to the heavens. In both, before her death she provides instructions and seeds to insure the continued production. She’s of course associated with corn or maize, that provides for the strength and continuity of humans. She’s often seen with a sleeping child in her arms.
*Sorry so long! I know a lot about our culture.


Ceres is sometimes referred as Tellus Mater (Mother Earth) so it could be something similar? (but honestly I’m not sure about this, maybe she could just be associated in some ways?)

Thanks for sharing this…
I don’t know much about Native American Culture unfortunately…


Thanks for all this awesome information, Eleonora!! :clap: :clap:

Another thing that we forgot to mention, the word Cereal comes from Ceres too! :bowl_with_spoon:

This would explain this depiction of her skin as corn, right?



Yes! That’s right. When I first heard of that, I thought what the heck? :laughing: I love that picture! I’ll have to save it!


Maybe they could be related. But I enjoy sharing info with others. As much as I learn her, I’d like to teach too.


i like the idea of baking her something with corn in it i will definitely do that next time i work with her