Honey Calcite Fossil Clam Info 💎

    **Honey Calcite Fossil Clam**

Mineral Family: Calcium Carbonate for Honey Calcite
Hardness: 3
Chakra: Sacral and Solar Plexus
Zodiac: Cancer
Element: Earth

  • I couldn’t find much info on the honey calcite and the clam fossil together, so I did them separately.

Fossilized Clams themselves are like time capsules. When they die, fine sediment and particles can be trapped inside them. As they’re buried into the fossil record over time, they’re forced to close. This makes excellent record-keepers for their time. Universe Today

Calcite comes from the Greek work, “Calix”, meaning lime. :woman_shrugging:t4: It’s one of the most abundant minerals on earth. -Crystal Council

Honey Calcite is a stone of empowerment that works with our sacral and solar plexus chakras.
Honey Calcite helps up regain our personal power by easing our troubles and worries during challenging times, enabling us to realize we are strong enough to preserve through anything.
-Soul Sisters

That’s the honey Calcite above. Below is the fossil clam.

The last picture is of the back. There’s so so many clams. Baby teeny tiny clams.


Where do you find these treasures?


I buy them from my friends. They’re a couple that travel the states in a van. They sold everything to live life as a crystal miner. They can be found on eBay as That Camping Couple. …aaah I gave my secret weapon away!!! Lol just kidding
They’re Kyndall and Frank and they’re a phenomenal couple who have helped me out so much!!! I love them!!!


Talk about living the dream! ‘A’?


I found another site you can check out: How To Charge Crystals and Stones


Thank you but I know bc I’m a certified crystal healer. That’s the first and longest lesson in that damn course :joy:


I have Green Calcite among these honey. The two that are in the middle are ones I found locally on the beach. I haven’t tested them but I feel like they are some sort of Calcite!


Or quartz. Maybe. I dunno :grin: