House and Room Protection Talismans

I have two done, one for the front door, and one for my witchy room. Gather your items to put on it, (you can look up all the herbs or stones online there are too many to mention here) Light a red candle and go to work assembling them. The elephant for the front door one is for protection, good luck , harmony and prosperity. There are amulets on each. I found other necklaces of pentagrams, or protection symbols and added them. Anoint with protection oil (look online there are many) and say, “With this Amulet/Talisman my home shall be protected from all evil, spite, hatred and malice” or look on Spells 8 for a protection ritual. Watch the candle burn down and keep the power in your mind. Then hang up saying, “This shall protect my family and ll within” So Mote It Be! I need to hang mine above the front door but we are putting in crown and wider molding so there is gonna be no room. Close to the door is good. P4020035|666x500

my family and ll within" So Mote It Be

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This is above my witchy room