How can I dispose of salt safely?

I have at least 3 pounds of salt that I used to cleanse all my crystals. Now I need to dispose of it. But I do not want to sprinkle it on soil or any nearby plants and cause harm. How can I safely return the salt back to the earth?


Well, you could throw it away. But let’s call that Plan Z, and see if we can come up with some better ideas.

I have read that it best not to re-use it magically, and it is not hard to see why this would be a bad idea. I don’t think I would eat it either. Anyplace that would suffer from the negative energy absorbed by the salt is probably a bad idea.

What if you placed it in a bowl outside, a little at a time, and let the wind scatter it?

Is there a salt marsh nearby? An ocean? The Dead Sea? (okay just kidding with that one).

One source says 2 tablespoons added to a gallon of water can actually be good for grass. I suppose you’d need a lot of grass for 3 lbs. Uses for salt

Toss it into a firepit? Pick a spot and bury it deep?

These are off the cuff. Maybe others have better ideas.


Asking because I don’t know - is salt rechargeable like crystals, etc? I am assuming no, but oh, if you could recharge salt you’d be set for life.


That’s a great question! Technically, salt is a crystal.


I found a passage about just this topic from a shop:


  • If you have cast the salts in your home, make sure to change it out or sweep it up weekly.

  • There are four methods you can use when properly disposing of the ritual salts. You can choose whichever one is more convenient for you.

  • Ground the energy of the spell salt in the earth by burying it in a distant place from your living and working space. You can also bury it at a crossroads.

  • Cast in the wind in a distant place blowing away from your living and working space. You can also blow the spell salts from your hand into the four directions or at a crossroads.

  • Throw the spell salts into a bonfire outdoors.

  • Cast the spell salts into a living body of water such as a river, creek, lake, or ocean. This will properly disperse the energies and cleanse them.

Black Thorn & Rose Shop Source Link


@Siofra thank you for these tips. I have used salt twice or three times in my spells and just threw it in the trash after I finished the spell, which I took out later. I hope that doesn’t mess with the outcome of the spells :smiley:

But when I just sprinkles salt around my house for protection, I just used the vacuum cleaner to remove it later. I empty my vacuum cleaner every now and then, so it doesn’t really “go away” from my house so often. Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely keep it in mind next time I use salt :slight_smile:


No problem, I’m happy that it can help :blush: I have released spells & refreshed things, 1 of my favorite ways to release these things is with fire :fire: or depending on what it is that the intent was, I will bury the ingredients away from my home somewhere. I suppose I could also release things into the ocean :ocean: because I live on the coast, but the fire just resonates with me more burying. Plus, I’m not out on the water all that often, but I am at the beach :beach_umbrella:


You could also save the salt for use when you cleanse your crystals. Also, do you have that many crystals that you need to use 3 pounds of salt? That’s impressive!


I wouldn’t have thought to use them for cleansing crystals if they have been used elsewhere! Great idea though & I agree… @carter1 that’s a lot of crystals to charge with 3 pounds of salt! :butterfly:

I was just thinking about what @Undomeher had mentioned about salt technically being a crystal itself, maybe if you place the container out under the full moon it would cleanse & recharge the salt to be able to be used to keep cleansing your crystals as needed? Maybe @christina4 would know more about that.


@Siofra has a great idea to cleanse it in the moonlight to recharge it. But you’d have to leave it out for 8 hours of moonlight. Then it’s good to cleanse your crystals again because the salt is the smallest form of a crystal. Make sure that your crystals are safe in salt fyi.