How do you perceive spirits, deities, and other entities

I am curious. Some people respond to mundane things visually (whiteboards, manga, cartoons); others thrive on text or checklists (books, notes, etc). Others respond to sounds, lights. I am curious how you experience connections to spirits and the entities that you work with? Do they appear as abstract sounds or visions, or as more human? Or as sounds? Or even as textures or tastes? Do these apparitions change over time as your skills and experiences change? For me, I see scenes often vast landscape, with ideas (liked voices) that pop into my head. Sometimes I am overcome by vibrations that evoke emotional and physical responses. I am particularly sensitive to mirrors. I am curious how everyone perceives and cultivates experiences and what techniques work for you in your various paths and what you would recommend to others to grow their practices? Anyone up for sharing?


For me, it is on The Feeling Level. :hugs: I just know, I feel it’s presence. And my mind starts talking to my deity, and I feel the urge to respond to myself in a certain way. :sparkles::crescent_moon:
It’s the mood, the energies, yes, the vibrations.

It’s rarely something visual or auditory.
As an advice, I would suggest to meditate more often, try to keep your energies balanced and feel everything around you. :person_in_lotus_position::purple_heart:


Mmm :thinking: Loki manifests in anyway he can. He sends omens (mostly spiders which I hate :rofl:) and it will be an unusually large amount, like a nest (I walked into the first one in the bathroom, they were all over the mirror, the second one was across the ceiling in my son’s room, and the third was like a door beaded curtain across the conservatory), I assumed at first it’s cuz I live in the country, but a fellow witch here said, no, that’s not normal as she lives in the country and doesn’t get nests, upon checking neither do any of my neighbours :person_shrugging:. He changes channel on my radio. This first happened years ago, when my geto blaster kept switching the radio on after midnight, it wasn’t plugged in, no batteries! My hubby got so annoyed with it, he drove half way down the street in the middle of the night and threw it into a community bin. :joy: This was before I had embraced Loki so we were a little freaked out by it.

I’m not great at meditation, I do it but my mind wanders, but @starborn has this post with a good ritual for communicating with deity/demons
A Spiritual Phone Call: Ritual for Speaking to Spirits
Check it out, see if you like it.

Loki talks through my cards, alot through runes, I’ve had the odd dream and I only pay attention to dreams if they reaccur, like over and over, then I know it’s something extraordinary.

I do get images flash in my mind of the different energies of Loki, and they appear in human form apart from the hooded figure. The first time I saw that Loki was during a reiki session with my reiki healer, I asked her about it and she said it’s probably a spirit guide or someone reaching out.

Loki is quite unusual in that he’s very hands on and gets right in your face. My hubby saw him twice as a ghostly face over my face looking back at him whilst we were at McDonald’s, this was before he embraced Loki, it freaked him out a bit.

Not all gods/demons work this way, but if you read up on books by fellow Lokeans they all seem to have supernatural experiences so I think it’s just the way he works.

He’s the god of chaos, so pretty soon, if he’s interested you’ll notice a shift in your energy and the energy in things around you. At first it can be quite stressful, the chaos energy, it can make you feel, well everyone else’s life is smooth running, why do I get all this s**t!. But gradually he teaches you how to flow with it, and then it’s actually very freeing (most of the time :rofl:).

Hope this helps. I wouldn’t see signs in everything, I think for me it has to slap me in the face, but maybe that’s just me :person_shrugging::heartpulse:

Ps, thinking on it more, definitely read up on deities/spirits that resonate with you, as they do tap into your energy, you’ll get a feel for one that’s unique to you, then you can look back and see how long they’ve been a part of your life.


Thanks for sharing these ideas…

That’s great advice. Meditation seems to be when I am most receptive to these energies.

Although I hate this image, and now I can’t unsee it :eyes:, external signs are great though for me sometimes subtle. I can feel shifts in energy when I am in the forest, and times when all goes quiet and then I hear tiny insects and frog sounds, and rustling leaves, or the buzzing vibration of dew or mist as my perception simultaneously expands and narrows (that feeling is hard to describe, it’s like being aware of an entire orchestra of music while at the same time laser-focused on single notes or rhythms from individual instruments). When I’m paying attention, I know I’m a part of the divine.

I will definitely check this out.

Absolutely, I devour literature, myths, stories. I’m waiting for that “Gumby” moment where I fall into the book and become part of the narrative.

Yeah, me too. If I am not centered I am more like the guy from the Parable of the drowning man


@korvo Just read the parable, it’s brilliant. :partying_face:


I really wish I could see spirits, deities, etc., but unfortunately, I still have a ton of work to do with visualization. I have claircognizance where I just seem to know things. I’ll get a sudden thought like “someone is here” and then when I open myself up to the presence, I get insights about “this is who it is” and “this is what they want and want me to know.”

For example, when I first consciously became aware of my Ancestor I work work with / kitchen spirit guide, I just had a random name pop in my head. I somehow knew that this spirit was someone from the paternal side of my family. I knew that she was somehow related to my paternal grandmother’s line. A few months later, I was looking through a family photo album, and when I came across a specific page, I knew to stop and look at a certain photo, and I knew that the woman in that photo was the person whose name randomly popped into my head. I did a little research, and sure enough, she was my paternal great-grandmother.

When I do my workings, I open myself up to the experience of claircognizance and just do what I intuitively feel to do — this is the major reason ceremonial magick doesn’t appeal to me.


I get quite a bit of this, too. I think the mirrors part for me comes from learning early in life about their spiritual realm connection. (And how one should never have the end of their bed facing one, for their soul will get sucked into it. But hey, I’m still here! I think.)

I have your post on meditation bookmarked because the information there has been so helpful, I just hadn’t had a chance yet to comment on it with how it’s been going for me:

Anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, have a look. :point_up:

My focus for meditation isn’t great (although I find that being in a dark room and immersed in body-temperature water helps a lot – kind of like what one would do for sensory deprivation), but the imagery is vivid and immersive. :black_heart:

I believe my experience thus far is closest to what @EvaCVM explains here. :black_heart:

I struggled a bit at first, wondering what was just me making up and what wasn’t, because I still had that separation of self from the spiritual. But once I got past that, it became a much more easy and natural state.

I have had some auditory signs, like inexplicable music or howling hounds I can’t find the source of, and so on. Sometimes, the clear presences are borderline visual – they’re very heavy and powerful feeling, as though the gravity in the room just tripled and all the light got sucked into a hole.

But these things were during pivotal moments of my journey. I don’t expect to get them on a weekly basis or anything.

I wonder if my grandmother’s home was a Loki playground. :joy: The number of huge huntsman spiders we’d get…

One time, one moved into my room for a bit and shared the cat’s food. When my middle cat child came back from outside one day, the spider was just walking away from her food bowl. They both spotted each other as they were walking towards each other, both froze, and both ran off at the same time. :joy: It was the most adorable spider moment I’ve ever seen.

But speaking of which, Hekate, being a path opener, has also shown her presence through the opportunities that have arisen out of hardship. I’d say I have insanely good luck, but it’s not so much as luck, but that the doors that open are always exactly what I need, even if there’s some hardship along the way. It makes my relaxed approach towards the future seem almost strange (or like bragging) to others, because I know that things will work out one way or another, even if the things that happen are “bad,” making me very “come what may, I will embrace it.” :black_heart:

And then, I suppose, somehow they just make me aware of things. I have a habit of just picking up the right thing for the moment, the ri… You know what? I’m going to quote Constantine instead.

I’ve always known. I’ve always known where they are. I’ve always known where to - where to find them, where to - where to aim and where to duck, and I’ve always known where they were. I’ve always known that it wasn’t luck. Always known that it wasn’t luck. I’ve always known, I’ve always known that I could see. - Angela Dodson

Except, you know, I’m not shooting people as part of my day job. :sweat_smile:

Given how oblivious I can be, due to getting what my partner calls “fey moods,” I wonder if my spirits could give me a bit more of a nudge sometimes. :joy:

But even then, this way might be perfect for me, because it gives me reason to work on meditation more. More candles, more incense (gosh, I love the smell of incense – it reminds me of my maternal grandparents’ place with a kumquat tree out the front and a goldfish pond out the back), and more baths. Perfect. :black_heart:

Meanwhile, I think the spirits are reaching my partner now, but in other ways, definitely stimulating their love for history. They’ve dived into learning everything they can, mostly to support me, but I can sense something there, and it’s wonderfully exciting. When they’re more comfortable with it, I will see what they think. :black_heart:


I don’t know that this is a disadvantage. Our perceptions use all our senses, some work better than others (for me at least).


This is true! :slight_smile: I don’t really view not being able to see spirits/etc. as a disadvantage – if I could see things, I’d probably be too scared to try to interact with them :see_no_evil: Based on some of the descriptions of spirits/etc. that people describe, I’m actually kind of glad on some levels that I can’t see them :sweat_smile: lol

I forgot to mention that I also have clairsalience where I can smell things – I often smell cigarette smoke when certain spirits are around, and I also smell a beautiful floral perfume when my maternal great-grandmother is present


@starborn Don’t give Loki ideas, he is a trickster!

(Image contains different sized spiders :spider: in small area of a room)

I would literally emigrate! :flushed::rofl:


Ugggg, spiders. I’m out.


I experience spirits and deities in a hidden manner, so to speak. I get feelings and tingles, shivers and messages in my thoughts that aren’t mine. It’s not usually visual, and I’ve only ever had a visual experience in my dreams.

Oh yes, one of the most meditative and transcendent experiences I had was when I spent some time in a float deprivation tank. It’s filled with hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt and skin-temperature water. It was like floating in nothingness. Once my muscles relaxed and I worked through the aches and pains of being completely limp, I was able to relax my mind and calm my thoughts.

Meditation and being mindful are both things that are really important for opening oneself up to the spiritual world.


That (photo) has happened every year… :joy: We were very much in the inner suburbs at my grandmother’s, but it was somehow very full of nature. Massive possums would hang around in spring and summer, dropping by the house for fruit to eat. I’d see a fox every so often at the local park at night. Huge fruit bats (flying foxes) would constantly fly over and drop the worst-smelling poops, rivalled only by those done en masse by the local white ibis flock. We’d find random frogs in the backyard of breeds differing to those we kept. So much life.

Spider parties don’t happen here in the apartment, though. It’s too urban and high up for them, I think.

I wonder if that explains some of the random smells, I experience… Recently, there were a few days where I was looking around the apartment to see if something had crawled in and died. It smelled like the sweet scent of something decaying, but only I could smell it.

Usually, it’s nothing so macabre, though. But they’ve become such a normal part of life that rather than being able to focus on them by sniffing around more, I just let my subconscious figure it out and then my body follows. :sweat_smile:


My sister-in-law gave us a voucher to attend one of these for my partner’s birthday this year! However, we kept floating into each other and giggling, so it does seem like something best done alone. :joy:

I manage to get somewhat of a similar feel in my own bath tub since – you need the temperature to be just right, some bath salts (not a huge amount), the lights off, and maybe something to plug the ears. While you can’t float, the water doesn’t really feel all there, so it’s probably the best budget option available. To maintain the bath temperature, also make sure the door and any windows are closed, and any of those suction fans are off. :black_heart:


Perhaps someone wanted to prove me wrong last night. I saw the brightest flash of light in the bedroom… I have no idea where it came from. Its point of origin was just like… In the air just offset from the middle of the room. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

The only other time I remember a light with such a clear shape and brightness was in a dream.



@starborn but yesterday was Tuesday? Was it him? When I prayed to him I got orangey light, ooh exciting :partying_face::sparkling_heart:


@tracyS Sorry, I was still counting early in the a.m. as “last night.” So it was already Wednesday. :sweat_smile:

But could be? Same visual as you’re describing – orangey. We have warm lightbulbs but nothing gets that orange and all the lights were off.


@starborn oh yeah, forgot timezones :person_facepalming:, I got chills. Exciting :partying_face:


haha oh geez :joy: the float tanks I did with my mom were separate. We had our own rooms and everything! I don’t know if I could do it in a tank or tub with someone else lol

I swear, one day I will have a tub big enough for me to manage something like this without freezing or being uncomfortable :face_exhaling: #tall-girl-problems lol


I did a float tank only once which was interesting except I could feel rumbling which was trucks passing the shop on the street. I’d like to try it again in complete isolation.

There is also a dark retreat I found where you go into a complete darkness retreat for 3 to 5 days here:

I haven’t done this but think it would be a great experience.
They provide a cabin and meals, else you are left in the dark in total isolation.