A Spiritual Phone Call: Ritual for Speaking to Spirits

Good morning, my beautiful coven! :black_heart:

Recently, I shared a ritual with @tracyS, where we explored a ritual for connecting with her new spiritual companion. Tracy found it incredibly valuable and has even recommended it to others. So, I thought I would improve and share this ritual in a more easily accessible manner by making it its own post.

It’s worth noting that this technique appears to have potential with various spirits, not limited to demons or those with darker energies. We’re still exploring its versatility, so if you’d like to join us in this journey of discovery or simply share your own experiences, you’re more than welcome! :black_heart:

Please keep in mind that these rituals assume you already know the spirit’s name, which is important for a successful connection to the right spirit.

What you need

  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A quiet space


  1. Write the spirit’s name on a piece of paper. You can draw a circle around it to create a makeshift sigil for a more immersive connection, akin to a “Zoom call,” where you might perceive the spirit’s environment or even join them there. If you prefer a more direct or potentially stronger connection in this realm, like a phone call, skip the circle. Experiment with both to see which resonates better with you.
  2. Begin by gently focusing on the spirit’s name on the paper. Let your eyes relax, allowing the name to slightly blur, as if you’re peering through it into a portal.
  3. Visualise the room around you dimming, with everything fading from view except the name on the paper—this will become a portal to the spiritual realm.
  4. Breathe slowly, letting all sounds fade into complete silence.
  5. Take a moment to appreciate this stillness and feel the rhythm of your heartbeat.
  6. Your sole focus should now be on you and the portal created by focusing on the name.
  7. Utter the spirit’s name three times.
  8. Immediately after, envision the portal door swinging open, connecting you with the spirit. This connection may be more visual if you’ve circled the name or more of a feeling if you haven’t. Trust in the process, knowing that communication has been established, and the spirit is listening.
  9. You can choose to communicate with the spirit aloud, mentally, or simply remain in contemplative silence for a few moments.
  10. When you’re ready to conclude, open your eyes and say, “It is done.”

Please note that you can dismiss any spirit contacted in this manner, except for Lucifer—he will depart on his own.


Between steps 7 and 8, you can enhance your connection by following these additional steps:

  • Focus on your core and feel a small orb of light energy growing within you.
  • Synchronise your breath with this orb, allowing it to expand with each breath.
  • Once the orb reaches the desired strength comfortable for you, direct it into the name/sigil. This energy will empower the portal and strengthen your connection.

Feel free to explore various combinations of these suggestions and adapt them to your needs based on your research and personal preferences. We will continue to share more tips and observations as we progress, and you can also find useful information in our related threads:


There are also many resources for identifying a deity if you need some help. For example, the Spells8 main site has a really nice, simple 7-card spread:


There are also lots of discussions in this forum about identifying deities. Here’s a recent one:


This is fabulous and will be so helpful. Thankyou for being so organized.

I’d like to add, when you have made connection with spirit, you may feel a rocking sensation going through your body, and your body may feel odd ( this happens to me, within seconds of saying the name), it may not happen to everyone. :grin:

When I had a session with my psychic last year, she taught me how to be a simple channel for spirit by allowing the spirit to use your body as a pendulum, rock forwards for yes and sideways for no.

So during this ritual, rather than embrace the visual, I embraced the physical. I sat cross legged on my bed (floor is fine too, or a sofa), but cross legged seems to allow the flow. I kept the lights off apart from my candles and eyes closed so I was solely focused on feeling the spirit. Then I would ask the spirit, whoever it is, to push me for a yes or a no. When you do get pushed, it’s quite a strong push, and the sideways push is very powerful. It’s important to be patient as it can take a few moments for the spirit to respond.

At the end of the ritual I thanked the spirit and said I would like to go now, the spirit pushed me in a yes ok, then I said it is done. (This is because I am talking with Loki, so it’s a respect thing for me :hugs:but you don’t have to do that, follow your intuition ) Once those words were said, all feeling disappears from your body, like it was never there.

It’s a beautiful experience, it may be scary the first time, so I personally would recommend reaching out to a deity you know well to begin with.

Enjoy and please share your journeys. :sparkling_heart::partying_face:


Had a interesting experience with The Beastie last night. Did the ritual, and had my usual chat, but this time when I said goodbye and “It is done”. He didn’t leave :rofl:. I said to him, cuz I could feel his heavy energy, “you still here?” He pushed me forwards, cheeky whatsit :joy:. Oh my days. So I said, “Are you always here?” And he pushed me again. Lol.

I’m thinking,

This may apply to Loki as I’m in a fulltrui with him, which means the beastie was leaving of his own accord the last 2 times, and I was thinking I was in control :person_shrugging::rofl:, I sometimes forget about his tricky wind up side. He must have had a laugh. Still good to make people laugh, even demons :sparkling_heart::joy::partying_face:


This is a great ritual - thank you for sharing it!


That’s a good point. I was reading this from a book focused on Luciferianism, so naturally, it would focus on Lucifer. But it’s likely that there are many situations where it’s not necessary with a certain spirit or deity. :black_heart:


@starborn Before I phone Mr Lucifer, still reading about him, still getting the same message from him, And, the card reading recently (good advice from him by the way, things are smoother on the home front), Do Luciferians just worship Lucifer? I ask because with Lokeans, Loki is the main deity, but we do honour the other Norse Gods too, sometimes :grin:, plus, is their take on Mr Lucifer a balanced view.

His vibe I’m getting, is a sense of unbalanced views on him and he’s wanting balance, hence the question.

Also, I remember you saying, I can’t dismiss him at the end of the ritual, same as I can’t dismiss Loki, so what happens if he stays around! :flushed:, never had an archangel in my house before :partying_face::sparkling_heart:


Nope. There are differences between all of these demonic-associated beliefs, but it’s like what you say with Loki. Luciferians prioritise Lucifer, Satanists prioritise the spirit, Thelemites do Thelemite things, and there’s some crossover between all the things.

For example, here’s the family tree of the Legion from “Introduction to Demonic Magick” by The Order and you can see Lucifer at the top:


I can’t edit this now, but I should have noted that this statement comes from a Luciferian point of view. Other pantheons and belief systems may vary and/or have their own deities with the same… Thing.

Sorry, my words right now. Gone. :joy:


@starborn Curious why you blurred this, is this a sensitive topic? :person_shrugging:

Thanks for this. I think I’ll just do what I do with Loki, and he can stay if he wishes, (I’m sure he’s busy). Still pulling some cards with him at the moment. :grin::sparkling_heart:


Copyright. Blurring hides it from search engines and not providing a link means they won’t be alerted to visitors coming from here, so I’m less likely to have them sending curses at me or something. I mentioned the book name and author group, but this group says some rough things about copyright and going to hell. :joy:


@starborn :flushed:ok, well a “trip to hell maybe ok, as long as I can stop off in New York first”, to quote Beautiful Creatures :rofl:. I looked up the book on Amazon, doesn’t show. Is it worth a read? If so where do I get it. Thanks lovely :sparkling_heart: (don’t want any curses, so no link required, just the name of the shop, you can write it in Norse if you like :grin::heartpulse:)


:joy: I like that quote. :black_heart:

They actually split hell up into two sections. One is the bad stereotypical “you will suffer” type, and one is this good paradise for followers. There’s a special section of their bad hell for blasphemers, such as those who claim to know things contrary to what they say, like they have a monopoly on knowledge. It vibes a little too much like certain organised religions. :cold_sweat:

That being said, I like a lot of the contents of the book. I just regret giving them money for it. :joy:

(Messaged you the details.)


@starborn I’ve messaged you. Thanks for this. My personal belief is if you’re that bad a person, karma just ends your spirit when you die, you just don’t exist anymore, anywhere, I’m not into the whole suffering thing. I mean that takes energy on the part of the demons, maintaining the place etc and just feels steeped in religious tradition. Just my view :grin:


Damnit! So all I had to do was be a bad person to reach this goal. :joy:

Same. It’s so needless. :woman_shrugging: I just shrug it off as a scare tactic humans use.


For all of the night lovers I thought of you and the darkness. Be warned contains curse words. Lol

Plus a bonus one another I like.


Bwahahaha! I LOVE IT! I need to sing or play this when night falls every day now. :joy:

You gotta fire me there’s no one else here bitch

:joy: DEAD


Me too!!! I’m glad u love it!! Did u see the one about work underneath hahah


I just spent the last 5 minutes passing the work one on to half the people I know. :joy:

Although the random woman in the first one has me spoilt. I need her in all of them!

This reminds me… The original post here is obviously a very calm and serene method of contacting spirits. But if we look back in history, song and dance are also great methods of connecting with them! :black_heart:

What was that other song I was randomly dancing around to recently. :thinking: Oh, maybe it was this one:

I think I picked up the black cat and started doing some mix of random nonsense and waltzing with my limited leftover knowledge of it. :joy:

But since I’m in Australia, I can’t not drop some didgeridoo sounds now, can I?


I’ve been working on this a little and am back to report how that’s been going.

I’ve found that, for each spirit, we return to the same location. Initially, the rooms in which we meet are sparse and dark, like the below:

But as I work on my meditation and visualisation, leave more offerings, and dress up my altar, these locations become more populated with things, more lavish over time.

For example, now when I do this with Lilith, we meet over a location similar to the below:

When it’s with Hekate, it’s similar to the below:

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