How to become more indepth n touch with my inner spirit

How do I become more indepth n touch with my inner spirit and my entities because I can 85% of the time here the spiritual entities and manifestations ppl have released from their realms that shouldn’t be here in my town but the days I can’t bothers me Bec I know most of them I can help or answer questions for it puts me in a bad depression when I can feel their presents but not hear them anymore


Hello @Kristin7, and welcome to the forum!

Do you meditate? Mostly that’s when people get in touch with their inner spirit. Here are the Spells8 courses on meditation. Maybe that will help you out.

Good luck!


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Welcome to the forum- thanks for sharing your question! I agree with @Amethyst, meditation is a great way to help you increase grounding, enhance your focus, and get in touch with your inner self :person_in_lotus_position:

If you have an interest in Chakra Work, I also recommend working with your Third Eye Chakra- a way to improve your intuition and spiritual prowess. You might use a Third Eye Crystal Grid or this Third Eye Meditation (from a past group ritual. A shared ritual with a new theme is hosted every week in the Sacred Space Category of the forum- you are warmly invited to join!)

And if there is ever a time when you can feel a presence but can’t directly communicate with it, it may not be because your powers have weakened, but rather that the entity or spirit itself is too weak or distant to communicate. In such cases, you might turn to divination. Divination methods can work as tools of communication- from Oujia boards to tarot to pendulums- divination is a great way to reach out to forces beyond the physical realm :milky_way:

Wishing you good luck, Kristin! If you have any other questions (or just want to chat with like-minded magick lovers) feel free to reach out in the forum- you have many friendly coven members happy to chat :blush:

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Definitely work on opening up your third eye and your intuition. It seems you have clairaudience and that is a type of audient type of intuition but working with and building your third eye strength is key. I have a video that I sleep with while listening to. I’ll link it below.

It’s helped me tremendously! I hope it’ll help you! Also use crystals that are third eye related or any purple crystals like amethyst, purpurite, sugilite, Charlotte, lepidolite.


I would also suggest blue aventurine for opening the third eye chakra. I use mine regularly when I meditate or if I’m not feeling like my vibration is not very high or I’m struggling to interpret my cards. I place it directly over my third eye chakra (sometimes I’ll even light a purple candle or place purple salt on my table) but when I hold the blue aventurine to my forehead I can instantly physically feel the vibration opening my intuition up.


I’m not sure if you use Tarot Spreads at all, but I have a 3rd Eye Chakra Clearing & Balancing Spread that I found on Pinterest


Ty for this it’s helped tremendously


You are very welcome! I hope things are smoothing out for you! Glad to see you in the forum! :two_hearts: