How to Burn Herbs with Charcoal Disks and a Cauldron

If you have never worked with charcoal and resin incense…take a peek at this quick video. And yeah, excuse the doggo bark again LOL.

Make sure you buy sustainability produced charcoal discs. The Excelsior brand of charcoal is made from discarded timber cut from fruit trees, mainly apple. According to the site, the company does not produce them by cutting down the entire tree.

Environmental Information: This charcoal is made from the timber cut from fruit trees, and as such this ensures that no tree is cut down. All timber used in production are discarded cuttings collected from selected sustainable apple orchards. This process guarantees the sustainable supply of timber without any loss of forest area.


I really enjoyed the video! Wondeful vibes! :pray:

I think we all have someone at home who will complain about the smoke… the dog, the spouse, the fire alarm… :laughing:

I appreciate the environmental information as well. What’s the resin you’re using again?


I used a Celtic Blend from Shaman’s Market.


Lovely Video and info as always!! I go through so much charcoal, but I also found the rice ash and the little “charcoal things” are bamboo. Heres a vid on it-

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