How to Celebrate Litha Alone: Ideas for a Pagan Summer Solstice! ☀️

The Super Pagan Summer Event! :tropical_drink: Litha is almost here. For those who follow the Wheel of the Year, worship of the Sun began on Beltane (May day) and will end in Lammas (August 1st).

Litha or the Summer Solstice

Astronomically, the summer solstice (June 20, 2020) will happen when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, marked by the longest day of the year. This is the peak of sunshine, when the power of the sun starts to wane and the days become shorter.

Refresh your memory by watching it again: The Wheel of the Year.

Litha is a celebration of light and abundance. Just like with Beltane, Fire :fire: is the ruling element of this Sabbat, so ceremonial fires are traditionally lit to evoke protection, fertility, and prosperity. There are many deities associated with this sabbat (see below) but the most important for Eclectic Wiccans is that of the Sun-God, who reaches the peak of his power on June 21st.

Litha is a great time for transformation because it represents a crucial moment of change in the yearly solar cycle. The Sun has reached its peak sending us its warmth, and now it must decline. We go back into the shadows until it reaches its weakest point, for then to come back stronger upon the winter solstice, in December (Yule Sabbat).

What does “Litha” mean?

“The name Litha (pronounced “LIH-tha”) comes from a very old document written by a monk named Bede called “De temporum ratione” (The Reckoning of Time). The document describes a lot of Anglo-Saxon Pagan ideas, including their names for the months. It is here where we get the term Litha in reference to this time of year. Litha means “gentle” or “navigable,” given because the breeze was very gentle and sailors could sail across a smooth sea.” -Source

What to Do During Litha?

There are many things pagans can do to be more in tune with the rhythm of this season.

Go Out! :palm_tree:

Longer days and warm temperatures make summer the ideal time to go outside and enjoy nature. It is a good time to:

• Spend time outdoors (hike, bike, or work on your tan!)
Take off your shoes to feel the earth outside, sand and grass count too!
• Make a circle of stones.
• Hug a tree or read beneath its shade (the Oak tree is worshipped during this time. Read more about the Oak King worship)
• Attend parties, concerts, and social activities outdoors. Picnic anyone?

Cast Magic! :sparkles:

Traditionally, Litha is a time of purification. Pagans jump over a bonfire :fire: or a cauldron to ensure protection, fertility and health. Another custom is to burn herbs as symbols of fertility, calling upon good energies for the remain of the year.

Litha is an auspicious time for divinations Click here to see a Litha Divination with Playing cards :spades: :diamonds:

Take the ashes of the bonfire and use them in amulets, gardening, or place them in your shoes for protection.

Here’s a guided video celebration which includes an easy fire-jumping ritual and a Litha spell for solitary Witches to cast at home :house:.


Litha Grimoire Pages :printer:


Decorate your Altar :sunflower:

Some Litha ideas to decorate the altar, bedroom, or home are:

• Seasonal coccons, buds and flowers.
• Wreaths and ribbons in red, yellow, orange and green.
• Tree branches (especially oak).
• Lots of candles.
• Food and drink offerings (see below).

Litha Offerings :tropical_drink:

Plants and Herbs: Lavender, Chamomile, Roses, Daisies, Lily, Elder, Fennel, Sunflower, St. John’s Wort, Verbena.
Incenses: Frankincense, Lemon, Rose, Rosemary, Lavender.
Oils: Frankincense, Lemon, Rose, Lavender, Sunflower.
Foods: Prepare an oatmeal cake or bread. Salads and fresh seasonal fruits (such as melon, bananas, pineapples, peaches, pears, tomatoes, strawberries).
Drinks: Sunflower tea. Fresh juice from seasonal fruits, water, beer, white wine.
Crystals: Amber, Jade, Tiger’s eye, Jasper, Peridot, Aventurine, Ruby, Emerald.
Color correspondences: Red, orange, green, yellow, gold.

…and anything that evokes the power of the Sun! Symbols such as the equal-armed cross. ⊕

Deities associated with Litha :pray:

The Wiccan Sun-God and the solar Gods and Goddesses of different pantheons are worshipped during this time of the year. Some examples include:

  • Áine from Irish mythology.
  • Ceridwen from Welsh mythology,
  • Ra from Egyptian mythology.
  • Sol from Germanic mythology.
  • Helios from Greek mythology.
  • Inti from Incan mythology.
  • Aurora from Roman mythology.
  • Mithra from Persian mythology.

and many more.

Reap the fruits of this Summer! If you celebrate outside, pour one for Mother Earth!. Vibrate with the Sun, and activate your magic powers by doing your Witches Homework.

Happy Solstice and extra bright blessings!


This was a very enjoyable read Francisco! thank you for posting, I don’t know a lot about the wheel of the year but I’m learning daily thanks to this site!


Thanks, @Trey! I’m glad you found it useful! :sunny:

You can celebrate each turning of the wheel of the year with these Solitary Sabbat Celebrations!


Hi @Francisco another very informative post, thank you. I do wish at times there were places to go and celebrate with other like minded people, we are spread out and although I know of lot of people in my area are pagan, them coming out and mentioning it, just doesn’t seem to happen. So I live vicariously through youtube vids of celebrations.


I couldn’t agree more! While I do enjoy being a solitary witch, especially during the sabbats I always wish I knew like minded people near me so we could celebrate together in person. Definitely not easy to find, unfortunately!


Definitely. Holidays are meant to be celebrated in good company!

I like to organize or attend a picnic or small gathering with friends. Then I quietly hold the celebration and intention within myself.

Even if it’s just for a few minutes, watching a fire burn or simply be outside looking at the clouds/moon. It might not the same as being in a coven but it can be just as enjoyable! :slight_smile:


:sunny:Just over a week until Litha arrives! :fire:
Thank you so much for all of this helpful information, @Francisco!

For those that want to celebrate Litha, this is a good time to beginning thinking about possible ways to embrace the summer solstice! Will you plan a spell :sparkles:? Have a celebration :partying_face: (while hopefully following any relevant safety precautions)? Or perhaps schedule a time for visualization or meditative thinking :woman_in_lotus_position:?

As I live in a small apartment in the city, unfortunately, I won’t have access to a bonfire or cauldron- but I plan to celebrate Litha on a scale appropriate to my living situation!

:candle:For me, I plan to use a small yellow candle to represent the warm and glow of the sun, and give a small offering of summertime wildflowers gathered in the local park. :sunflower:

No matter where you are and how you choose to spend the day (whether you will do rituals, talk to your witchy friends, have a quiet practice in solitude, or any other way) I wish everyone a very happy and healthy summer solstice! :sunny:


I’m watching this video again. There is a dichotomy being a solitary witch. I find my religion, my spiritual a very personal journal that I hold sacred. And yet, humans by nature are social creatures. We want to celebrate together.

It’s conflicting but regardless I will celebrate.

Anyone changing up their plans this year?


I agree- one’s Craft can be very intimate and personal to them, but at the same time, it’s always fun to connect with other like-minded and understanding people, even if their magickal paths aren’t exactly the same! I think the holidays (Sabbats) are a wonderful way for paths to cross and share joy together :heart: :handshake: :sun_with_face:

There’s a special place here to do just that- if you’d like to see everyone’s solstice plans and share some Sabbat excitement, feel free to pop into the Solstice 2023 discussion! :blush:

June Solstice 2023 :sun: Coven Celebrations

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and blessed solstice @RedRaven42! :sparkles:


My plans right now are to just survive the week :laughing: but I’m glad that I can survive the week here amongst friends :heart: I’m like you - my path is personal to me and something I consider sacred, but having people to celebrate with is also important to me!