🌼 How to Celebrate Ostara Alone: Ritual & Ideas

What is the purpose of the flower crown, decorating eggs, and making the buns?


Flower crown for spring and remembering the God/Goddess, coloring eggs because Eostare saw a hurt bird and turned it into a hare, but it laid eggs in colors…buns to enjoy the bounties to come and celebrate the fact that you had enough through the winter to make them and to enjoy them with friends and family.

IF you don’t have anything to decorate your altar, try to go walking and get some tree limbs, leaves, things that are green, moss or even grass… anything to do with spring is fine… get creative, not expensive.


Happy Ostara,
I made some eggs and thought I would be creative, so I Drawled the symbols of Earth :seedling::sunflower: Air :tornado: Fire :fire:Either :butterfly: on my eggs :egg:
I am praying to Lord and Lady that I be renewed!

May you all feel the renewal of Ostara!
Blessed be!!


I just realized I forgot to post my Equinox video here :sweat_smile: So I’m doing that now!

I’m almost to 2k subscribers and I’m excited :partying_face:


Happy Ostara @Jeannie1 and @MeganB!! :sunflower: :tada:

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Good day, fellow Coven. Happy Ostara.
Finally got my chance to set up my Altar for Ostara. Noticed my energy around was going stale. Therefore, moved and shifted things around and cleansed and saged everything. Trying to Spring clean as well.

I found this cute and simple Ostara-mini altar set up in a glass, jar, or bowl. ( I used a bowl)

Herbs used- Chamomile, Rosemary, Bay leaf and Cinnamon.

Oils used- Frankincense and Sea Mist ( if you add a couple drops of the oils i notice the herbs after i mortared them- they become moss like texture.)

Flowers used- Carnations and Daisies.

I filled my bowl with dirt half way, added the Moss, than the flowers. Cracked an egg and used the shell to put a tealight inside.

Also, added 5 of my favorite Tarot cards for the spell. I prayed and meditated for quite awhile.

It came out so “PRETTY” i think.

Also I’ve been a busy :honeybee: creating some candles for a couple of friends. I did a 9 day pillar candles, infused with herbs and essential oils. (@SilverBear , thank you for your amazing tutorials on dressing candles)
My friend was having a hard time finding work and i offered to help out if he wanted it- as soon as he lit the first candles they called him for a job he was hoping on.( Feels great to help others and see the magick works)

Not sure who posted the thread and pictures of the infused tea-light candles- but thank you so much! (My new obsession lol)

Also, made some black salt. @Francisco , thank you for that! I use my homemade tealights over the salt.

Here are pictures of my Altar-bowl and decorated Altar. ( I love setting up my altar with herbs- that i dry on )

Pictures are of the candles i made for my friends.

Thank you for reading-

Blessed be…Uploading: 20210324_160639_HDR.jpg… Uploading: 20210324_160807_HDR.jpg…

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Happy Ostara, you are so creative! I love your creativity with the candles :candle:
I love your tea candles! Was it had since there so tiny? I wanted to make them too instead of wasting so much candle when I use the tapered candle. What did you use for your tea candle as far as the correspondences go? I made a love candle but I was thinking I like the tea candle cause its not so long. We’re supposed to throw them away afterwards or Barry it in the earth.
I am so impressed, it’s much more magical when you make your own candles :thinking: huh!
Your alter always looks top notch! I love that your helping out others! You always shine that lite on me me! :pray:t4: You are a light worker! The universe is going to bless you! Thank you for sharing you always shine! :hugs:
Blessed be


Beautiful! So nice!!


@jeannie, thank you, awe! Aways so full of compliments, thank you so much!:heart::candle:I’m learning as i go, and gather information and knowledge from people as yourself and everyone in this great Coven.(Thank you)

For the correspondence herbs- i used Bay leaf, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Sage, Chamomile, and thyme… I melted down the tealights in the oven ( as a fellow witch here recommended- wish I could remember her name! But thank you!) I crushed it, in the mortar and put aside until the candle wax liquified. Than i poured the essential oils ( you don’t need much oil- just couple of drops or so.) and sprinkled the herbs onto the candles. Than, they just set. Took a second time to get it better lol… It’s a cheap investment. I buy the tea lights from the dollar store. Basically all my candles from there. ( I’m also a big fan of the tealights! So easy to work with…)

For the pilar candles i used the same- all herbs corresponding to abundance, prosperity, and job related. For the oil, i used Frankincense and prosperity oils

Please keep sharing your wonderful wisdom and creativity with us! You are amazing!

Blessed be


@SilverBear ,thank you!!


Great use of the black salt @walter!!

It looks like you are having a a very Magickal Ostara!! :seedling: You’re such a talented photographer and altar decorator!! :clap: :clap:


Absolutely stunning, @walter! :heart_eyes: It looks like you had a very magickal Ostara :blossom: May the blessings carry forward to the next Sabbat! Love and Light :cherry_blossom: :heart:


@Francisco , thank you so much for the compliment! I love setting up my Altar! I love the greenery and flower additions. Also love photography too…
Blessed be.


@BryWisteria thank you very much! To you as well! I thank you for all the wonderful guidance and direction in my path of Wiccan discovery.
Blessed be


This is beautiful and so creative! Thank you for sharing. I may try some of these tips and ideas


@robin77, thank you! Yes, they were fun to do.


Have just celebrated Ostara in the Southern Hemisphere using the Spells8 ritual but instead of using real eggs I crocheted some yarn ones that can be used again each year. This is because I’m the only person that eats eggs in the household and eggs are precious around here along with chickens while we are in lockdown due to covid.

My Ostara altar 2021.


So creative!


Oh, crocheting eggs is such a great idea! I’m taking that note and saving it for later :spiral_notepad: