🌼 How to Celebrate Ostara Alone: Ritual & Ideas

Ostara is one of the eight celebrations in the Wheel of the Year. This festival is preceded by Imbolc and followed by Beltane. It marks the end of winter and the beginning of the spring.

When is Ostara?

Ostara occurs on the spring equinox :sunny:, around March 21 in the Northern hemisphere, and around September 23 in the Southern hemisphere.

The Meaning of Ostara

The word “Ostara” shares its origin with the word Easter. Both come from Old English ēastre, and related to Ēostre or Ēastre, a Germanic goddess whose festival was celebrated at the spring equinox. The word ‘east’ is also related as it represents the direction in the sky where the sun rises.

Meaning of Ostara in Wicca and Paganism

The book Eight Sabbats for Witches by Janet and Stewart Farrar describes the time around Ostara as the meeting of the Goddess with her consort, the Sun God, who is coming back to life after the winter. Other variations include the young God gaining strength after his birth in Yule and the Goddess returning to her aspect of the Maiden as a symbol of fertility.

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Ostara is a time of renewal and rebirth. The days and nights are of equal length and as the land begins to warm up it become a green paradise for animals to begin their mating rituals and flowers to blossom. Everything is a symbol of fertility, a feast of joy and romance.

What to do during Ostara?

Ostara egg basket

Fertility and Growth Spells

This is a wonderful time to cast fertility spells in any sense: for physical fertility and also to promote growth and fruitfulness in any project. A few spell recipes:

During the Full Moon of March, cast spells and rituals for reconciliations.

Embrace Nature :rabbit2:

Take some time to celebrate all life that sprouts around you, walking along the beach, a park, or through the forest. Admire the beautiful creation of Nature, take off your shoes and connect with its grounding enery. Pick wild flowers for your altar on the way back.

Video: Spiritual Fertility Spell :hatching_chick:

This is a guided Ostara ritual with candles, eggs and Wiccan prayers. We will cast a circle and plant spiritual seeds of fertility and growth for the season that begins.

:arrow_forward: Click here to Watch the Video Ritual

Create an Ostara Altar :candle:

Use a green or white altar cloth, add water, eggs, and two candles: one for the Goddess and one for the God. Decorate it with wild flowers and pastel colors. See more ideas and correspondences below.

Decorate Eggs :egg:

Paint eggs to symbolize your rebirth and that of Nature. Watch this video to learn how to decorate hard-boiled eggs. You can them eat them, sharing them with friends and family, or bury them as spiritual seeds.

Make an Egg Basket

This video shows how to make a basket with paper in a fun step-by-step tutorial.

Spring Cleaning :broom:

Open windows, dust out cobwebs and Get rid of old furniture and things. Let go of that old energy and allow yourself to sprout new leaves and grow. If you have a green thumb, plant seeds or start a Magickal Herb Garden.

Ostara Correspondences :sparkles:

  • Herbs/Flowers: Sage, Rose, Freesia, Lemon, Jasmine, Acorn, Saffron, Nutmeg, Eucalyptus, Violets, Sunflowers, Honeysuckle, Daffodils, Lilies.

  • Incenses: Frankincense, Strawberry, Sandalwood, Rose, Orange, Sage, Apple, Honeysuckle.

  • Colors: Green, Yellow, Pink, Gold, Silver.

  • Stones: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Red Jasper, Bloodstone.

  • Foods: Eggs, honey cakes, the first fruits of the season, seeds, leafy vegetables and salads, chocolates, lamb, bread.

  • Drinks: Water, Juice of seasonal fruits, Wine.

  • Deities: Eostre, The Maiden, Astarte, Aurora, Eos, Kore or Persephone (as the maiden), The Green Man, Ares, Mars, Attis, Adonis, Osiris, Narcissus, Hyacinth, and Dionysus.

  • Other Holidays: St. Patrick’s Day (Christian-Mar. 17), Eostara (first full moon after equinox), Easter (Christian-first Sunday following Spring Equinox and full moon), Ides of March (Roman New Year March 15), Hilaria or the Day of Joy (Roman-March 15), Festival of Astarte (Mar 17), Feast of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Passover (Judaism).

However you choose to celebrate, the main ingredients to this holiday are renewal, transformation, balance, and rebirth.

Have a Blessed Ostara! :pray: :sunflower:


Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

I’ve felt the need to start my spring cleaning since Imbolg - and my family doesn’t really celebrate Easter anymore - so Ostara will be a wonderful time this year with my family.


Any ideas on how to celebrate Ostara without being obvious? As I’ve said before my parents are very closed minded Christians.


Many Easter traditions, like having a feast, egg hunting, chocolate bunnies, are the same for Ostara and spring fertility celebrations.

So Ostara is really the perfect holiday to celebrate as a closeted pagan with a Christian family.

You can make anything and claim “it’s for Easter”, for example:

  • Make a flower crown,
  • Decorate eggs,
  • Plant seeds,
  • Light two candles representing the Goddes and the God,
  • Make hot cross buns, a Christianised pagan tradition which features a Celtic cross,
  • Take a long walk in nature.

Thank you so much. This is very helpful.


What is the purpose of the flower crown, decorating eggs, and making the buns?

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Flower crown for spring and remembering the God/Goddess, coloring eggs because Eostare saw a hurt bird and turned it into a hare, but it laid eggs in colors…buns to enjoy the bounties to come and celebrate the fact that you had enough through the winter to make them and to enjoy them with friends and family.

IF you don’t have anything to decorate your altar, try to go walking and get some tree limbs, leaves, things that are green, moss or even grass… anything to do with spring is fine… get creative, not expensive.