How to do your magic based off moon

So I’m wondering when to start what rituals when and candle magic when I heard it’s supposed to go off the moon cycle, the day of the week. Any particular time or phase of the moon? I know it seems basic but I’m just learning and would like to get sone consistency with I think it will really help me,

Also any ideas what to put into a Ike to wear for addiction and staying present mindful, tapping into strength and willpower?

Thanks guys! Also any tips on candle magic would be great.


Hi! There is no one answer to this.

Genrerally, new working and beginnings are started at New Moon and celebrated at Full Moon -though not everyone does it that way. If you are trying to bring something new into your life New Moon or First Quarter are good times for this. Banishing/removing you want to do as the moon is waning.

You can also look up what planet rules the day of the week to coordinate your spells. You can even look at the hour of the day or night. Searching the days of the week on Spells8 should give you a start. The courses in general are a good place for beginners to start. They’re easy.

Rituals like Drawing Down the Moon happen at Full Moon, but there are rituals that do not. Some rituals are deity-dependent.

As for spells, if you need a spell, cast a spell. Yes there are days and times that are ideal, but if you need protection you don’t wait.

I’d say start with days of the week and also learning about what candle colors correspond to - white works for everything.

Others will chime in. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have more questions!


Hi bethany9 I would start here if you wanna work with moon phases :waning_gibbous_moon:Moon Magic: Spells for Every Lunar Phase – Spells8


Good morning, @bethany9 :wave:

@anon87969570 has given you a wonderful answer, I think! The moon phases are generally seen as something like this:

Image taken from our Moon Magick section of the Spellcasting 101 Course

I recommend taking the free Spellcasting 101 course here on Spells8. That might help answer some of your questions, too!

In my practice, the moon phases and other correspondences are extra bits of “ingredients” I can add to a spell. If I need to do a spell but the moon phase is “wrong” or something, I’m not going to wait for the moon phase to be “right”, I’m going to cast the spell.

I have a few things here that might help you!

Carnelian is said by some to help aid addiction recovering → Carnelian Crystal Activation: Energizing Guided Meditation – Spells8

Some people also say that many parts of the almond plant can help in rituals involving addiction →

@phoenix_dawn shared a tutorial for an addiction-breaking charm bag that you can try → Addiction breaking charm bag

As for staying mindful, that’s something that takes practice. You can start with a few minutes of meditation daily, really focusing on mindfulness rather than clearing your thoughts. Do this a few times a day, just focus on mindfulness while you’re doing something. For example, I can focus on the feeling of the keyboard beneath my fingers while I type. That’s part of being mindful!

I’d also look into sigils for strength, confidence, and willpower. These can all be created by you, and you can learn how to make sigils on Spells8.

As @anon87969570 said – don’t be afraid to ask questions, and I’m sure someone here will have an answer or be able to help in one way or another!


Thank you so much! I appreciate the information and I’ll start doing that.


I’m so glad I joined spells8! I’m curious and excited. Thanks guys!!


You’re so welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad that you’re excited – let us know if you have any more questions!


Moonology was a very helpful book for me as I was exploring the moon! I also learned that you kind of find a rhythm of your own. Sometimes I want to cast at the new moon, other times I want to rest and turn inward. It just depends on what I am feeling. I’ve learned to trust my instincts too!


@AileyGrey This is just…mesmerizingly true! :face_holding_back_tears: :crescent_moon: I too, have that moonology ebook by yasmin boland…who made the moonology deck, not read yet, but definitely gonna take some time out for this. :sparkles: :full_moon:
Blessed be Ailey! :kissing_heart: :heart:


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