Addiction breaking charm bag

you’ll need:
Jasmine (tranquility and beauty)
Coltsfoot (peace and tranquility)
Red clover (success)
Fennel seed (courage)
Ginger (success and a tribute to Ares)
Juniper berries (attracts good, healthy energies)
Pennyroyal (ridding other’s negative perceptions of me)
Pine (alleviate guilt)
Rosemary (self love)
Chicory root (removing obstacles)
Pink Himalayan salt (for love and protection)
Amethyst (stress relief)
Citrine (happiness)
Garnet (love and protection)
Rose quartz (unconditional love)
Blue satchel for healing or black for protection
Blue candle for healing or a black for absorbing negative energies

Then I lit lavender incense (I chose this based on the tradition of giving flowers to warriors headed to battle)
I also lit a red candle (to honor Ares) and a blue candle which I placed beside my bag on my pentacle. Then I said the Ares warrior chant found on spells 8 modified slightly to highlight the personal aspect of my spell allowing my blue candle to burn completely out.
I then thanked Ares for his guidance and protection and released him and closed my circle.

Hope this helps someone who needs it!
Blessed be


I love this! Thank you for making this post! Might I add adding an amethyst is extremely helpful for any type of addiction. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have an old pouch I made for my addiction a while ago and I keep re-doing the spell for it. I cleanse it too. It’s helped so far and it’s been years.
I really appreciate the correspondences to the ingredients! 🪄✨


Thank you for sharing, Phoenix!


A beautiful spell bag, @phoenix_dawn- may Ares watch over and protect you! Reading your posts makes me think you are the very symbol of “Strength”- you keep going no matter what. You are one amazing and strong witch! :sparkles::heart:

Thanks for all that you do- keep holding your head high! :hugs:


@TheTravelWitch I don’t generally work with Ares but when reading the warrior chant for this purpose I felt led to do so


:blush: Told you you’re strong.

Why I am talking like Yoda? Lol! I even heard his voice as I typed it!