How To Know If The Info Given Is Correct

I have a question for everyone, and that is how do you know the information you find is correct? Over time as I have tried learn more about my craft I have used all sort of things for research; books, websites, blogs, social media, etc. And there have been plenty of times where I have found conflicting information. I don’t know if this is because someone read something somewhere and then interpreted their own way, and then someone else saw that, and so on in sort of an adult telephone game.

Example: first location has a specific color meaning “Happy times are ahead!” but then several sites later has it as that specific color means “Beware! Squirrel attack!”

For more common information this isn’t really an issue as most places do have colors/candles/elements/etc. similar. But for more specific topics or obscure items is where I seem to experience this more.

I was just wondering are there any tips any one has on how to tell that a source can be trusted? Is there something I should look for? Should I always be fact checking?


It seems to me that the main issue you are finding is one that we all encounter on a day-by-day basis. The fact that there are a multitude of aspects to wicca and witchcraft. So many in-fact, that what means one thing to one group of witches means a totally different thing to another. It is the same with native American tribes for example, my people (Abenaki) believe the owl is a messenger and good omen while other tribes see it as a sign of death and warning.

This does not mean that the information is not correct but that the information most likely comes from a different type of witchcraft.

The best thing I can recommend is to read the blog about me, or older posts to learn the type of witch they are if all else fails then contact the blog owner and ask them what type of witch they are.

Books are the same way most with tell you the type or you can look up the author. If they are antique books that’s a bit more difficult but you should be able to tell once you start reading.

All in all the only thing you can do is use your judgment.


Thank you! That makes alot of sense and is very helpful. I really appreciate it.


I also suggest the old college research paper trick: get more than one source and make sure the one didn’t copy the other. You can usually tell by language. Sometimes they copy the prose verbatim.


I cannot agree with this more.


Greetings @kara4! :blush:

It looks like both Charlaine and Ron have given you great advice- I agree with what they’ve said!

Something that stuck with me from a university biology class (and possibly the only thing from that class that stayed with me :sweat_smile:) was remembering to check your sources- even on things like official scientifc studies and tests. It’s surprising how many studies that seem legit at first glance are actually sponsored by companies that have a huge stake in the results, or were conducted on very old or dated knowledge. Or were done on a different part of the population (ex: men ages 40-50 when you’re a young girl) than what would apply to you.

Got a little off track there, apologies! :laughing: But the point is is that is really important to check your sources to learn:

  1. The creditability of the information
  2. If this information applies to you

Charlaine said it perfectly- if you find spell or magickal correspondence information that doesn’t align with what you’re familiar with, it may very well be because it is tied to a magickal path or the beliefs of a group different than yours.

One of the benefits of following a specific path (be it Wiccan, Druid, or otherwise) is that there are often specific texts and procedures to follow universal to the group or coven. An Eclectic practitioner, on the other hand, doesn’t have any set outlines they need to follow- which isn’t a bad thing! Trading the stability of doctrine for freedom may be challenging for some, but it does allow you to “mix and match” and take pieces from various paths (or your own interpretations entirely!) to design your own code and practice exactly the way it feels best to you.

This is another very valid point- while there are some things that many (but not all) witches across paths agree on (intentions, drawing circles, candle magick, moon phase work, etc) there are plenty of things that are very up to personal interpretation. Things like interpreting dreams or deciphering symbols in tea leaf or wax readings can vary immensely from witch to witch- as they are largely based on personal life experiences.

Just my thoughts here for your consideration! :blush: Looking forward to seeing what others have to say on this interesting question too.

Blessed be! :sparkles:


I tend to look into the authors & if they have written any other type of related works & their background in the subject. I found the same thing when I started looking at Brighid, the Morrigan & Celtic anything. Then I look at how their writings are similarly themed or differently biased.

It’s a lot like the college research or high school I guess.


Thank you @LadyDennaRahl @Undomeher @TheTravelWitch_Bry @Siofra_Strega! This has been something I’ve encountered several time; but now I feel more confident going back and researching those topics again.

It’s one of those things where I’m still learning my path and my craft. I am starting to feel a bit more comfortable trusting my intuition/gut but I’m also still trying to find my footing with with it. And when I’m learning and exploring new things I like to try to take care in what I am doing and how I am doing it.

I will take the extra time to cross reference information and check out the authors as well to find out more about them and their path.


You’re very welcome, @kara4- I’m happy if I could help a bit! :blush: I think it’s awesome that you are gaining confidence in your practice and are branching out to explore and question more than you were before- great for you! :star2: Wishing you all the best with your magickal studies- blessed be! :heart:


Its my pleasure. I understand fully how confusing it can be


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