How to make spells for a coven?

Hey there, I am finding no luck finding spells to do with my coven. I wondered if any of you know how to make up spells for a coven to do together. I would very much appreciate any help.


I’m solitary so I don’t have any answers for you. I do have a book recommendation. It’s by Deborah Blake who has written some excellent books. Circle, Coven, Grove. A Year of Magical Practice.

I bought it thinking it was for solitaries but it turns out for covens. I didn’t read all that much but it looked interesting. Hope this helps you out!


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There are many resources here on the forum and the site in general, so let me show you how you can best navigate it!

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Just searching for “write spells” you can find loads of other topics and posts. Here’s one that I wrote on my personal method for writing spells.

Spellcasting 101

You might even like this course on casting spells, even if you’re not new to the craft.

This Free Spellcasting Course is a complete introductory guide to the world of Real Witchcraft and Magic. It will serve you as a first approach to learning how to become a Witch and guide you through casting your first spells.


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Welcome to the forums! That’s a great question, and Ameythst and MeganB have given some wonderful recommendations for you :+1:

I think it’s awesome that you are looking for coven group spells, so jumping in to add my thoughts, I would suggest that any spell can be adapted for a group with the right mindset. That being said, the easiest way to cast together will likely be reading a chant, prayer, or invocation together :sparkles:

There are many to choose from, and almost all have a Printable Page you can print to give each coven member a copy (which can later be added to their Book of Spells). Read the words in harmony, or go around the circle and let every member read a line of the spell/chant :scroll: It is a fun and easy way to cast together as a group!

Blessed be and happy casting with your coven! :blush: