Human Crystals 🔮

This is my second half of my entry for this week’s challenge.

We are human crystals. Our bodies are a sacred healing object. The human body contains piezoelectric crystals and liquid crystals. Piezoelectric:
relating to or involving electric polarization resulting from the application of mechanical stress.
“piezoelectric materials create electrical charge when mechanically stressed”.

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Just as you’d treat a crystal of the earth with respect by cleansing it regularly, you must also treat your human crystalline body with the same respect with diet and exercise and energy healing.

We contain piezoelectric crystals in our bones and teeth, intestines, collagen, connective tissues. All of these body parts help us to convert mechanical energy (our body’s movement) into electrical energy (which can be used by cells in the body). We see this in the way that bones are strengthened through the build up of bone mass due to mechanical use generating piezoelectricity.

But, the opposite is also true- our body can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy as well. We can see this in the intestines-electrical nerve impulses are sent out to crystals in the intestines which contract and move waste through the intestines.

Marcel Vogel (developer of the LCD) states that by maintaining a steady and healthy oscillation within our liquid crystalline body, we can achieve energetic balance and alignment within the chakra system and aura as well within our conscious minds.

So, take care of your precious crystal body!!! It’s necessary for maintaining balance and harmony within our crystal bodies, chakras and our auras!:crystal_ball::gem:

:gem:This was info taken from my notes from the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy with Ashley Leavy.:gem:


I did not know that. Thanks, love! Although I think my crystal is broken, it’s difficult for me to get going some days. LOL.


Gurllll, you’re not the only one!!!


This reminds me of the time I saw a TikTok that said humans are lava monsters (which is true, let me explain). So I reached out to my geologist/pagan/witch friend Kathleen Borealis to get her input and she told me this…


[Image is a tweet from Kathleen Borealis in reply to Round the Cauldron. The tweet reads, “Ice is a mineral. Period full stop. Rock can be made of one or more minerals so even if its just one mineral (like ice) it can be a rock (conferred with husband) so ice is a rock. Glaciers are rocks and water is lava. and you are a lava monster.”]

You can find the tweet here. But it just goes to show that our bodies are interesting, amazing, and full of cool stuff. Thanks for sharing!


I’m loving it!!! It’s so true and they’re facts!!! Science backs it up!!


This is super interesting. It also goes to show why wearing some types of jewelry or even medical devices and implants can have such a strong reaction in our bodies.

Thanks for sharing this, @christina4 Great entry for the challenge!! :+1:


Absolutely! I have so many examples I decided to forget them all when I created the post lol I had to put on my thinking cap for this one :rofl:
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Such a creative and exciting way of viewing ourselves :person_in_lotus_position: :star_struck: I have to admit, it’s very self-confidence boosting to think of myself as a crystal :gem::grin:

And it reminds me a bit of that quote:

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We really are made up of special stuff :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This was beautiful to read- thanks so much for sharing your crystal wisdom, Christina! :sparkles:


I love that!!! Thanks so much!!!