Hydrokinesis, Late Entry to this week's challenge

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I was wondering what sort of entry to enter in this week’s current challenge, then I remembered how I first ended up in a different spiritual path, thanks to the Nen training I had in it’s base foundations nearly a year ago (I begun somewhere around July or August last year) and because the field my aura found there is that of a Manipulator, why not attempt to manipulate the energy, water itself has just to see if I still have the talent for it, after this type of training and once I have enough experience I’ll switch to Hemokinesis (for better or for worse it’s the ability to control the energy of blood flow) in the near future

I just have three tips for anyone who’d want to learn about how to manipulate energy or the life force of any living being, 1. Learn and master meditation first and foremost, 2. Ask for consent (if you’d do it on another being alive) and 3. Don’t doubt your own capability(whenever doubt forms in one’s mind, you’ve lost half the battle already, the average person usually would take months if not years to learn such abilities)

Note: Whatever Hollywood or any other action drama shows or cartoon shows such Avatar the Last Air bender has shown, throw it out of the window, to some extent such abilities are real and can be done but they’re not that real to the point they’d exceed the reach of humans which make it all seem to be supernatural or works of any deities

This are the references for Hydrokinesis and Nen:


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Challenge reference: Is hydrokinesis real? Should I try and learn it? - Quora


Those are good tips, @anne2!

I think this advice is valuable not just for manipulating energy, but also for using magick as a whole and even for life in general :heart:

Thank you for this lovely entry to this week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge! It was a delight to read :blush:


I never thought about that, @TheTravelWitch , it was a good practice for me to do any of the energy manipulation, it’s been several months ago since I last practiced it, it’s useful when one wants to fall asleep at night, thanks again for everything

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