I am going to get to know myself

I have had my one deck, Elmira, for at least a year or so. Can’t remember exactly but every now and then I will just decide to ask questions, not a whole spread.

Today I did that. Asked 3 different questions. Used questions on a link a came a cross, 99 Questions To Ask Your Tarot Deck About Life, Love & More | mindbodygreen.

First question was where was fear holding me back in my life. I got the the Star upright (yes I used reversals as well). I am trying to learn to be intuitive with my readings, tho I do use the meaning on Tarot.com and Spells8 Tarot card meanings to help guide my view of what the card is saying.

For this, I read the card as saying I need to trust in the divine, basically learn to let go control. Which is accurate. I am afraid of letting go and trusting the everything will be okay. I need to learn that, if I am to fully immerse myself in being Pagan, I need let go and trust the Goddess will not guide me wrong.

My 2nd question was what my soul needs right now. I got the 3 of cups upright.

My interpretation of this card for me is that I need to realize I am loved. My souls needs that, that I have those around me that love me. My soul feels alone, like I don’t have support around me and at times like a ‘ship going down’. I have many ‘sisters’ around me that love me and are there for and wanting me to succeed. I need to remember that.

My 3rd question and the final one I asked was how I could love or accept myself. I got the Ace of Wands upright.

I see this card as again reminding me I have support and love around me. That if those people around me can love me, then I can love and accept myself for who I am.

Not sure how accurate that it, but I thought I would pass along and see what you fine people have to say. Feel my interpretations are getting better and I am not relying so heavily on the guidebook or written meanings. I also see this reading has a lot positive-- no reversals, all positive. All building me up, reminding me of the positive.


First if you asked the question, looked at the card & those are the impressions, energies, feelings that you immediately got after looking at the colors, images, symbols… then you’re doing great using your intuition.

The 3rd card that you got… Ace of Wands I think is a good interpretation for you & the question asked. Aces are like the new beginnings, new opportunities, something new starting for you. Wands :wand_tarot: are connected to the Fire element :fire_element: :fire:… motivation, passion, inspiration, beliefs. So together it would be like inspiration, creation, new beginnings.

In context of your question… I could put it together as you have a new opportunity to love yourself with the inspiration & drive to do so with the support of your family, community, friends… whoever makes you feel good about yourself & your path. Including yourself, to start recognizing your beliefs & truth & the inspiration & passion & drive to be more loving of yourself will continue to blossom as you move toward what your goals.


I think your interpretation is spot on, especially if that’s what resonates with you after seeing the symbols on the cards. I mean, I don’t have much more to add because @Susurrus covered it pretty well :laughing:

I’m getting my connection back to tarot for myself slowly. It’s funny because I don’t generally have a problem reading tarot for others, but connecting to it myself is more difficult for some reason! I think you did a great job.


I’m kind of the same way, I can assist others with their readings & the contexts of their questions… I look at mine & sometimes it’s like suddenly I have no idea what I’m looking at :laughing:


I wish I knew why it happened that way :laughing: because it’s very annoying!


Oh, you’re definitely loved here! :hugs: :heart:

That one got me thinking too, there’s much the same kind of energy in Ace of Wands than there is in the Magician I feel. Trust in yourself and the power you carry, and the world will offer itself to you. :fire: :wand_tarot: