I can't seem to meditate. Any tips?

I’ve been trying to meditate on and off for several years and every time I do I just feel uncomfortable. Specifically, my eyes open on their own when I try to. I can’t do it with my eyes open either or I get distracted.


Greetings @Bridge :blush:

Meditation can be tough- I won’t deny it! When I first started I really struggled to keep my eyes open while meditating, but now I have the opposite problem- if I close my eyes I risk falling asleep :sweat_smile:

I’ve found that the key is figuring out ways of meditation that work best for you as you are in the current moment- you don’t have to follow a strict guide nor do you have to meditate the same way everyday.

And oh, there are so many ways to meditate! If the way you are currently meditating isn’t working for you, I recommend exploring and experimenting with different styles of meditations. Here are few you might consider:

  • Zazen / Zen-style meditations where you sit completely still and try to empty the mind :woman_in_lotus_position:
  • Walking or movement-style meditations (think yoga) that involve action in meditation :walking_woman:
  • Guided meditations where you allow your thoughts to be guided by either gentle music or a spoken meditation guide :headphones:
  • Video meditations where you meditate along with both audio and visual guides :computer:
  • Forest bathing or other meditations that involve being immersed in nature :national_park:

If you have a style of meditation that works for you, then it may be an issue of posture or environment too. Are you in a safe, quiet, comfortable place? How are you sitting? There is a great discussion you could check out about meditation posture (or try a meditation tool like a spike mat) with some suggestions for ways to make yourself more comfortable.

You might also find some additional advice in the discussion What to do if Meditation is Making You Feel Bad? And I always like to recommend @MeganB’s amazing post and meditation guide called Meditation: It’s Not Just Sit Down and Shut Up- there’s a lot of very helpful advice there!

Wishing you all the best as you find ways to meditate that work for you, Bridge! Good luck and blessed be :person_in_lotus_position: :sparkles:


If you like to use apps I have a suggestion.

I have been using Insight Timer for over a year and it has so many different options to choose from. Shamanic drumming, lightly guided journeys, sound baths, etc. I’ve even found witchy affirmations. Also there is a timer option for you to use. You just set the time and the music you want in the background if any you could do silence too. And go to town. Insight Timer on the Apple store.

I also consider getting in the zone meditation. If I’m vacuuming and in my head, or out gardening, and just thinking to myself. I consider that meditating. Sometimes I have my greatest ideas when I’m just off in lah lah land doing my chores.

Don’t pressure yourself sister. You may be even meditating and not realizing it. :blush::blush::blush:


Did you find the course on meditation on-site? I ask because for years I tried meditating and wasn’t able to do it but this really helped me.


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