I’m new to this. Need some advice

A year ago I did a binding spell. It was recommended to me by my tarot reader. I just asked for truth, caring, and to keep promises. I would like to undo it, cause I don’t feel comfortable with what I did but I don’t know how. Could anyone plz help me out. Thank you


Hi, I’m sorry that I don’t have an answer for you, but I know that we have some great people here that will have advice for you on next steps. I hope you get it resolved!


Welcome, Seferina!

I can tell that you are going through some karmic kickback right now. The past is the past and if you are trying to move forward then more power to you! :muscle:

Here is a reversal spell:

  1. Get a length of red string or ribbon. Hold it in your hands. Say: “This Is My Spell”. Remember what the original intention was for the spell you cast.

  2. Meditate for and focus on the strong emotions you’re feeling. Say:

"Gods and Goddesses, All divine, Reverse the spell that’s in my mind.
The results you may take as I’ve made a mistake.
So hear my words And change my fate."

  1. Cut the cord into two equal pieces and you’re done.

Click here to watch a cord-cutting ritual with a guided step-by-step video.

Good Luck and Many Blessings! :pray:


Merry Meet to you, @seferina! :heart:

Francisco shared a great reversal spell- I hope you are able to successfully undo the binding spell and move forward! Best of luck and blessed be to you :pray::two_hearts: