I’m researching crystals and herbs…

…to see which ones are safe to add to bath water. It’s proving frustrating because there are a lot of “yes, but…”.

Just thought I’d share that. :grin::grin::grin:


I make bath salts with rose, lavender, and chamomile all the time. You can also use jasmine, peppermint, rosemary. I think anything that’s safe to eat would be safe for a bath. I don’t usually put crystals in my bath, but I have heard clear quartz works rose quartz, amethyst works. Don’t use selenite because it will dissolve in water. Hope this helps. :blossom:


Thank you, yes. I’ve decided anything that comes with a “but” will be a no for me. For example, Fennel (for purification) is generally safe but can cause an allergic reaction for some. I have sensitive skin so I’m not gonna try that. lol


Keep researching especially because your skin is sensitive. What might be good for me may not be good for your sensitive skin.


I can’t do baths but I have had good skin results with Lavender and a drop or 2 of tea tree oil with my son. His eczema and sensitive to everything skin likes both of those and I only tried basil once but that went well too


I know the feeling! Especially when it comes to crystals- not being an expert with them, I try not to get any of mine wet unless I know 100% they are okay in water (like amber, which literally washes up on the beaches- if that’s not sea safe, I don’t know what is lol).

(Speaking of, there’s a handy list of some that should not go in water here: Crystal Safety- sharing in case it’s helpful for someone else too)

As for herbs, most of the general kitchen herbs (aka the ones you’d find in your spice cabinet) are fine in water- but you do have to be careful with sensitive skin.

Have you experimented with chamomile and calendula yet, @chelsie3? Those are both fantastic herbs for those with sensitive skin- both are gentle and healing :+1: :herb:

Blessed be!


I did use chamomile in my bath last night. I don’t have calendula so haven’t tried that yet.


Nice! What did you think of the chamomile? I hope it worked well for you! :blossom: :blush:


haha yes, it’s a really big struggle finding things that are safe for bathwater. For herbs, I usually go with the thought that if I can drink the tea, I can bathe in the herb. Crystals are another beast altogether because adding crystals and minerals to water can be dangerous, even deadly!

The general rule of thumb is that no crystals ending in “-ite” should be put in water. Selenite can dissolve, for example. And Pyrite creates sulfuric acid!


@chelsie3 if u are allergic to it orally then dont use it in your bath. But if not then it can be used in the bath or shower. Research is always key with any herb. But a good rule of thumb is to always do a test area first before submerging your whole body in it.


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