I need help finding out who this is visiting me

Every time I meditate or sleep. I always see a women or man’s shadow in like a black cloud. With a big animal beside of them. I’ve heard them speak like once, but I know it isn’t anyone that has past in my family. Cause this voice is sweet but yet deep. I also think they like age because my sage that I keep on my alter is always fallen over and it can’t really happen by accident. On top of that I just got done with my nightly meditation session and my earth candle was harder to blow out like a trick birthday candle. So if anyone has any suggestion of how to get a clearer view of who this might be. I would really like your guys opinion of what to do?


Huh, that is odd. Maybe ask some questions with a pendulum? Yes, no, that sort of thing. Might help to clear things up.


Warm greetings @vanna!

An entity associated with a big animal, aging or time, and Earth energy, hmm…

Here a few guesses you might consider:

  • Chronus, the God of Time, comes to mind for aging and earth energy
  • Hecate, a Goddess of Magic and Death, is often depicted with a large dog
  • Hel/Hela is a Norse Goddess of the Underworld who is sometimes seen with a wolf
  • Durga is a Hindu Goddess of both protection and destruction who is often seen with her lion
  • Thanatos is a spirit or deity who is the personification of death (although his animal is a small butterfly)

My personal go-to answer for finding more information about a deity/spirit/entity is to pick up my tarot cards- they can reveal a lot about the identity of a being, as well as offer ways you might connect with or contact them :flower_playing_cards:

Here’s a spread made just for that purpose! You can use tarot cards (here is a free tarot deck if you don’t have your own), oracle cards, or even regular playing cards to get answers:

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you are able to connect with and learn more about the mysterious visitor! Good luck and blessed be :sparkles:


Hello, and thank you for sharing this with us.
A human form in a black cloud with a large animal beside it can be interpreted as something in your psyche that is threatening or somehow ominous, something that may be revealed (drawing away the black cloud) via some shadow work. For example, something or someone from your childhood ‘lurking’ in your subconscious, possibly affecting your behavior or surroundings.
Alternatively, it may be something that is protecting or shielding you from others or events/circumstances in your environment.
Also, my impression would be that it does not like the sage, since you believe it may have the power to knock it down.
If I were forced to interpret this, I would say that there was something/someone around you or within your subconscious (maybe a childhood authority figure) that does not like whatever power or freedom you derive from meditation, for one reason or another. (Caveat: This is just a ‘blind’ interpretation, with no knowledge of you or your life. So, if a better one is proffered, feel free…).
Remember, if you ‘contact’ this form directly or indirectly, you are opening up a pathway either for good or ill. You may want to consider doing some shadow work either way.
Wishing you the best and please keep us informed.


Hmm…that’s definitely interesting! There are a few different ways to interpret this and I think everyone that’s responded already has said what I would have said already.

It can be a guiding spirit, an ancestor, a deity, etc. The best way to be able to interpret it would be to speak with the entity directly. Of course, I always advocate for protecting yourself as you do this so cast either a circle, a protection spell, or something similar just in case the entity is not nice.


Hi :wave: my name is Cosmin, and I’m going to try to guide you through a process in which you can find out for yourself what exactly is going on, because to tell you the truth from the vague post that you made it’s very hard (not to say close to impossible) to determine what exactly is happening, and I don’t think that there is anyone that can give you an answer :pensive:
I see that you’ve got already some helpful advice from the community, like communicating with it, using divination methods, tarot or a pendulum, but if you dont have the experience to do that, it will only give you more unanswered questions, living you more confused.
Try focusing on methods in which you can determine what this is, not who this is, by using methods like candle meditation.
Wean meditating with a candle :candle: your eyes are opened and this can help you determine if your experience is triggered only if you have you’re eyes closed…or not :thinking: also if it persists even with your eyes open try to see if you can burn this image in the flame like you would do to any though that comes into your mind when trying to achieve stillness, if the image still persists it means that it’s not just your mind playing tricks on you :grinning: if so try to go on with the meditation and focus on what you are feeling (are you afraid, scared, safe, happy, content, nervous, etc) this will tell you if this is a negative or positive situation, afterwards try to focus your attention on what you see and hear, try to create a detailed picture of what it is exactly that you are experiencing, afterwards step out of your meditative state, smudge your candle (don’t blow your candles use a smudger or your fingers) and write down everything (every step) in your journal, BOS or a piece of paper (for future reference).
I forgot to say … before starting your meditation create an energetic barrier around you (cast a circle)
After doing this you should have a lot of information at hand and it’s time to go on the internet or library and find out as much as you can using your descriptions :wink: Think of this like an adventure :grinning:

I hope this helps :pray:t2: Stay safe and good luck in your endeavour! :man_mage:


You know, this is a great point that I often forget myself. Thank you for bringing it up!


Thank you to everyone for the helpful suggestions. I have yet to gain experience with tarot reading, but I’ve been practicing. I still tried it to see if I would get anywhere. I just got way more confused. Thanks for the suggestion. So Cosmin’s advice with the candle meditation will be better to test out. Thanks to everyone that has given me ideas. I’ll keep you guys updated.


You’re very welcome, Vanna! :heart: Sorry the reading didn’t work out, but hopefully the meditation will be just what you need to shine some light on the visitor! Good luck and please do keep us posted :pray::blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:

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