I used to see aura's

When I was a kid as Im sure all of you did if u remember. I want to evolve this gift and I have been trying for a long time now. There is only so long I can start at the middle of a forheas or at my hand on white paper before my ADHD starts making it impossible. (I am aware that its in my head. Lol. Work in progress here.) I am asking for personal evolution tactics. Has anyone succeeded in doing this? What off book training have you found to be successful? I want this so badly because I had a gift, and it was lost or taken from me against my will somewhere in time. I want it back. Btw- my five year old daughter sees them and I only nourish and support her gift always.
I hope this pinns in the right forum. I am pretty sure I got it Q&A, but not positive.


You’re in luck! We did a whole Weekly Witchy Challenge on Reading Auras so you can go through the posts and see what you can find on auras and what will help you out!

I know that I successfully read my own aura after a while but it’s not something I do regularly because staring at people for so long is a weird thing to do! Your daughter must be very talented to be able to see them so easily.

Hope this helps!


Ooh you used to see Auras? And now your daughter too?? WOW. This is extraordinary really! :sparkling_heart: Also, I wanted to share that I also once or twice saw my own aura after focusing and staring intently at my palm…I slowly blurred my vision and kept staring, filtering every other thing out! The colour I saw was a Glowy Lavender! :white_heart: :purple_heart: In trying to see other people’s aura I usually stare at their nose tip for a loong time and then again blur my vision slightly! I read about this technique on Google. It actually works if you have time and patience and obviously the most important ingredient…Belief! So go ahead and try this with these three ingredients of Magick and let us know your experience! You should also meditate often to make it even easier! Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you and right! In regards to the staring at people! It gets like weird. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction cause I completely missed that. Thanks so much!


Yes! I remember I tried telling my mother and she told ne it was pathetic trying to get attention that way, but… thats my mom. Thanks so much for ur reply. Just like many thing u have to work at it. There is a lesson here for me. I must learn patience! Thanks again!


@samantha57 i see auras all the time. I dont know why or how. Its just a gift ive always had ever since i was a kid, it’s one of the gifts my parents couldn’t suppress. But as @Amethyst said the reading auras course really does help hone in on the gift.


You’re welcome! I hope you find the information you are looking for!


I’ve never had much interest in auras but, as @Amethyst said, I’m sure you can find a lot of wonderful information to help you out in our older Aura challenge :blush:

I wish you the best of luck! :pray: :sparkles: :revolving_hearts:


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