I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts

So I’m just curious because I have heard conflicting views on whether or not you should manifest during a full lunar eclipse on what y’all feel about it and if you do or not. One of the views I heard was that a full lunar eclipse has an amplified power of that equal to 3 full moons which to me sounds like the perfect time for manifesting. But I also heard that it’s a time for releasing things during an eclipse.

Now the reason I ask is because last week I did a communication ritual and I used a 7 day candle which didn’t finish burning until today but produced results today. I also (in a fit of frustration over a financial discussion with my friend that the girls and I have been staying with since we moved to Nebraska) decided and was determined to find a job immediately so I can get our own apartment and started filling out applications. Today I got a call for an interview tomorrow morning. Which was perfect timing since my phone bill is past due and will probably be cut off for a few weeks.

So with two successful manifestations for me during this crazy eclipse energy I was just curious about y’all’s thoughts/experiences with manifesting during eclipses


Trust me, you don’t want to hear my thoughts - it’s scary in here! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

On eclipses, I’ve heard that their energy can be chaotic and wild. I have not personally had any experience to move the needle in either direction, for or against.

But I wish you the best on your interview. But sure to get a good nights sleep!


Thank you for asking this question because it seems like roughly half of the witches and astrologers I follow on YouTube etc. say go for the manifestation and the others say just chill. To be on the safe side, since I kind of think the full moon is 2 days, for the eclipse I just did “thank you” and a little devotion ritual outside (it was so cool, the moon) and tonight, since it is really kind of a full moon today too but no eclipse, I’m going to do a manifestiation spell…since the energy is still strong, I think, or at least, lingering. Covering my bases :slight_smile:


Well with the job thing I didn’t exactly do any ritual but I was I was so aggravated that I was a bit headstrong about finding a job while I was applying lol I saved any new rituals for tonight and I saved my moon water for tonight too just to be safe. The only spell that was ongoing was the communication candle.


It’s a great question, @phoenix_dawn, and I think it’s just like you said- different witches have different views about working/not working magick during lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, and on the new moon. A lot of it will rely on if you strictly follow the guidelines of a tradition (like Wicca or Druidry) or if you rely more on your personal intuition about casting.

For me personally, I view a cycle of energy like the cycle of moon phases :recycle:. If there is a period of heightened energy (full moon), there must be a period of low energy and rest (new moon) in order to maintain balance :balance_scale:

So for a solar eclipse (new moon), I’m in the camp of preferring not to cast and resting. But for a lunar eclipse (full moon), the jury is out- it’s a time of heightened energy in a chaotic state. I almost see it like a gamble- the results could be way better than expected, or way worse than expected. Good time for chaos energy if you ask me! :laughing: :slot_machine:

Sorry to hear about the frustration, but congrats on the successful manifestations and I hope you’re able to find a great new job soon! :pray::heart:


It’s a great question and like many others have said → The answer depends on what you personally believe. The people in ancient times didn’t have the scientific understanding to know what an eclipse actually was. For them, it may have been a time of chaos, confusion, or deep reverence for the Gods they worshipped. (Side note, that’s complete speculation on my part.) Even animals can behave strangely during an eclipse because they don’t quite know what’s going on. They only have their current understanding and instinct to guide them.

For me personally, every experience I’ve ever had with a Lunar eclipse, especially since becoming more sensitive to the energies around me, have left me feeling chaotic and just generally not good. I don’t tend to cast any spells or do any workings during lunar eclipses for this reason. However, that’s not to say they wouldn’t work – and as @TheTravelWitch_Bry pointed out, they may work extremely well – it’s just that I don’t have the energy or feel the greatest during the eclipse. :woman_shrugging:

Also, good luck with your job interview!


:rofl: Same! :rofl:


I was wondering as well. I felst restless and chaotic inside. I couldn’t concentrate very well. So I asked for protection and self love , and surrendered, I couldn’t do it any other way.
I still feel chaotic, a lot of things are going on, different people ask a lot of me and I try to stay grounded and stay at ease, but I can hardly remember stupid little things. And I wonder if this is the effect of this moon?


In my personal experience, I wouldn’t at least PLAN to perform an abundance type spell on the same day of a Lunar eclipse, the last one I did back in November 2021, that was mess and I trashed it mid-way.

Today though, it’s a Wanning Gibbous (shortly after a Lunar Eclipse, but not right on the same day of an Eclipse), performed an uncrossing spell, that one is feeling a lot more successful.

Planning the right time is great and ideal when life and situations afford the opportunity. But sometimes, situations can’t wait until the next Full Moon, or cycle, have to do it now or really soon, there is a fire under one’s butt to do it, spells under those circumstances work well too.

Wishing you the best of luck on your interview!!


I always look forward to the full moon making Moon water and doing rituals and Etc how the ever last month I didn’t get a chance to see the moon in April because we had so much rain I had to ask someone who came into my store who I saw wearing a pentagram and asked if I could still make more water even though I couldn’t see the moon she of course told me that I could and I was very excited for May’s full moon to also find out that you’re not supposed to do rituals and spells during the lunar eclipse because like you said it’s like the moon on steroids so needless to say I didn’t really do anything I meditated but I had those same questions I’m glad I’m not the only one


I must admit emotions and agitations are very high during the full moon and I am extremely grateful that this move did not add those level of frustrations and aggravation in a threefold manner the energy of the full moon usually causes extreme frustration for me


U know am the only witch that knows nothing about the lunar or eclipse witchy stuff😔


I struggle with the same things every day full moon or not I tend to surround myself with crystals that makes it easier for me to concentrate visualizations can be very difficult for me and it saddens me because I’m such a creative individual person but since I’ve been on this path it’s been very hard for me to focus and to see the things that I desire. Honestly I just thought it was lack of discipline for me personally but what I am learning is its practice I have to continue to practice every day visualizing so that my creative juices can get the flowing in that way and hopefully the great Moon’s energy will be an asset in my endeavors and I pray the same for you so mote it be


You’re definitely not alone, Amara :people_hugging: We all have our different strengths and weaknesses. We all have our own likes and dislikes. Plus, we are all on different paths and stages in our learning. There is nothing wrong with not knowing about the moon phases, lunar eclipse, or other “witchy stuff”. You’re still learning! It’s perfectly okay :clap: Promise!


Hmm, I did some spell work on the night of the eclipse and didn’t notice anything unusual. But that might be because I finished before it began. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you :kissing_heart:


Honestly I didn’t plan anything specifically for the eclipse because to be honest between the move, setting the girls and one of them still being an infant I forgot that there was an eclipse coming up or I would have tried to do my communication ritual a tad sooner. I have actually been dabbling a bit with chaos energy @TheTravelWitch_Bry because I’ve noticed that I have a higher success rate when my emotions and energy is chaotic or for instance of I work during a thunderstorm



This eve the moon is in my house and i will be sending you power necessary for you to achieve.
You are embraced by your sister witch. :magic_wand:


@Amara Cheers to what Megan told you, Amara- there’s no need to feel bad! Every witch pursues their own path and not all witches work with the moon and/or eclipse. It’s not something required to be a witch- you’re fine just as you are :blush: That being said, if it is an area you are interested in, why not jump in and start learning? :grinning: There’s a beginner-friendly guide on the Moon Magick Page that covers the basics- I recommend taking a peek! :full_moon_with_face:

@phoenix_dawn I think the Lunar Eclipse has so much possibility for Chaos Magick! :star_struck: I can’t say I like to cast while I’m in an emotionally turbulent state as I
think it negatively impacts both my spellwork and my control over the spell’s direction, but I can see how emotional casting could play into Chaos Magick :+1: Thunderstorms too- that electric and storm energy carries a lot of power! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: Have fun with your excitingly chaotic casting, Phoenix! :zap: :sparkles:


I know exactly what you mean. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I do believe though that it may depend upon the person and the type of spell one may choose to cast, but for me personally its a time to be cautious and a (period of rest) however for this full moon I did cast a spell :smirk: because of the strong positive energies I was receiving.

I haven’t seen any odd things or negative outcome of my spell but am at the point where I am observing the out comes of this little experiment.

Since you mentioned it…

Not sure but, I am now looking into this and see what be the outcome working with such forces. It may be a time of chaotic energy for most but for me I just see it based on ones personally belief. A lunar phrase like this may be like any other but Ii see it with heightening energy filled with extreme powers.