Imbolc: Time To Celebrate!

Good day friends,

This video is just a small part of Imbolc and it’s deep historic roots. In this short video I provide some information & associations with Imbolc and did my best to relay correct information based upon my research. I have given you a good starting point, but it’s best practice to do your own research as well and always continue & enjoy the learning journey! :grin:


Thank you for this wonderful video, SilverBear :heart: I know it comes at a perfect time. Many people were asking about crystal correspondences for Brigid and I think some of the ones listed here for Imbolg could alo work for Brigid.


Ooo… thank you @SilverBear! I always love your videos :heart_eyes:

I can’t wait to be able to watch this one during this week! Definitely on my saved video playlists!


There’s always a high demand for information and history whenever a Sabbat comes around- this a great introduction to Imbolc! :fire:

Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together, @Silverbear :heart: