Imperial Topaz Info πŸ’Ž

     **Imperial Topaz**

Mineral Family: Aluminum and Fluorine
Structure: Nesosilicate Minerals
Hardness: 8
Numerology Vibration: 9
Chakra Solar Plexus
Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius
Element: Fire and Earth

Imperial Topaz comes from Brazil. This crystal is one of the most powerful manifestation tools to get ahold of. Imperial Topaz activates personal will. β€œWhen the driving force behind all we do is awoken and fully activated, anything becomes possible.”. -Thr Crystal Council

Imperial Topaz brings the Divine light of Spirit into the physical body. It enhances meditation, your understanding of ancient wisdom. It aids in forgiving oneself as well as others. It relieves symptoms of upset stomach, digestive pain or discomfort and gastric upset. Imperial Topaz increases strength and boosts physical energy.
-Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy


This crystal has so many uses- from powerful manifestations to easing tummy pains! Plus it corresponds with Scorpio :scorpius: :grin:

Loving Imperial Topaz- thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, Christina! :raised_hands:


It has a good feeling to it!! I feel ready to take on the day when holding them!!


Oh, Topaz used to be my birthstone & I have yellow & brown. Then it changed to Citrine some years ago. I have Blue Topaz too from when it was the birthstone for Sagittarrius. My brother is Sagittarius & I have my mother’s mothers ring with our birthstones in it. I should see if I can get some rough or natural or tumbled Imperial Topaz. I could use it on my altar!


That’s be so pretty!!!