Incense and Chime Candle Brands/Opinions

Good Morning everyone, from cold and bleak Wisconsin.
I have a question on everyone’s opinion on what their favorite brands of incense are? I have a multitude of different brands, but someone mentioned HEM brand to me, and I was wondering if anyone had experience with them?

Same for your chime candles, there seem to be hundreds of brands to choose from. I use the large glass pillars for my elements on my altar. (Thanks to my local Hispanic grocery store…seriously if you dont already get supplies there…GO)

Anyway, any advice and opinions will be very helpful!

Blessed Be.
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My favorite brand of incense is actually any that is hand crafted. I prefer to buy incense from small businesses whenever I can. Other than that I just pick up whatever I need when I need it.

As for chime candles, I buy whatever my local store sells :woman_shrugging:t3: I don’t know if they’re a specific brand or not, but again, I support local when I can :blush:


I try to support local as well as much as possible. Unfortunately being in the boonies of Central Wisconsin, it can be hard to find anything local. The closest metaphysical store to me is over an hour away :frowning: I did happen to stumbled across a fabulous rock and gem store yesterday though. Where I spent WAY too much, but couldn’t resist.


The incense I currently use came from Japan- some of the temples you can visit in Kyoto offer their unique blends for sale to visitors and I couldn’t resist taking home quite a few boxes as souvenirs! :sparkles:

I’m a tea light girl for candles haha :joy: I want to be better about it, and every now then I come across beeswax candles (expensive, but absolutely gorgeous, local, sustainable, and supposedly purifying as well) which would have to be my preference. Only downside is that they are all white/yellow- I don’t know if it’s possible to color them for candle magick (although candle dressing is always an option to add magickal properties).

But that reminds me- @Queenie_H just posted a new gorgeous collection of chime candles. Maybe Heaven has some tips about where to get a collection like that? :candle::rainbow:

I hope you can find yourself some lovely chime candles and incense, @WisconsinWitch- good luck and blessed be! :sparkles::blush:


I use HEM incense and it burns pretty nicely. The sticks aren’t all the same size, which gave me problems until I found the right holder that will hold the itty bitty sticks as well as the thick ones. I found out this morning they have chocolate incense! I’m gonna be trying to get my hands on some of that. I’m sure there’s some god who loves chocolate. LOL!


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