Very first supply:)

So, I finally received my journal to keep all my notes from lessons and all my thoughts, achievements and hopefully… spells. Also got my candles :slight_smile: I’m a little nervous that I will not succeed … but since I’ve been here with you all, I’ve been so happy inside :heart_eyes:


Look at those candles- you’ve got so many gorgeous colors to choose from @Queenie_H! :heart_eyes: And it’s so nice to have four of each color- once you start casting candle magick, I think you’ll find that the candles tend to disappear pretty quickly :laughing:

Gosh that book is gorgeous too- is that a stone in the middle? It looks stunning- I’m sure it will serve you well as your sacred book! :open_book: :sparkles:

Thanks for sharing- enjoy your beautiful new tools!


The first set of items for your craft is a great feeling. I bought the same type of candle sets at first too! :heart:

I go through journals like you wouldn’t believe! I have 2 right now, 1 is empty the other is the working copy. Last year I filled 5 or 6, at the end of the year I ripped out the pages & burned them in a fire to let go of somethings that I had been holding onto. Since then I get better journals & I have a box just for them when it’s time to let of what’s in the journals.

Lohman Trading on Etsy has some nice journals available with different designs on them. I’m trying to think of other shops that I have gotten them from too. When I do, I will let you know! :two_hearts:


Very nice! I like how bright those candles are. And the book is gorgeous!


So awesome! Oh, Merry Meet, Btw! The book is so cool it makes me want to buy a new one! The Craft is a practice. The more you do it the bettet you get, at least for me.


I started to mention a bunch of suppliers in a recent post to Introduce myself, but then I stopped because 1) I realized there are more sources than I can list and 2) I didn’t know if that would be taken as some sort of endorsement or something. Local sources are going to be obviously only useful locally, but a list of online sources would seem a useful thing. So until then, a new page in my BOS…


I did & do the same thing. Any local shops to me I won’t necessarily recommend. But I share my online resources & Etsy is a great place for some things.

However, I have found the link!

Lohman Trading Etsy


I like the idea of not waiting until your BOS is full before getting a fresh one!

Danger, you may spend money if you click this

Don’t blame me, ha ha!


Soooo… I thought we were friends @Undomeher. Also, eBay has kind of been forgotten about due to the chance for overdrafts rising drastically.

However, OMG! Some of those journals… I just want them all. Going to have to revive my eBay sign-on when I need another one!

Right now I am using this one:

The 1 I have for when that is finished is:

I always have the 1 that I am using & then a 2nd in case I fill up the first. So when I make it to this 2nd one, I have that link bookmarked under my Witchy Workings.

I’ll have to heed your warning next time :rofl:


:grin::grin:Yeah, that large seven stone one they have is pretty cool! But yours with the raven(?) Is awesome!

I’m…looking. There’s still plenty of room in my current, but well, best to be prepared :grin:


I will find the link to that shop & post it. I think she has others too.

I got Hekate prayer beads & the Morrigan bookmark from another shop. I’m on the hunt. :joy:


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