Independence Day Spell

Happy Independence Day to those in the U.S.

For this spell, you will need:
• 3 chime candles, red, white and blue.
• Florida water
• Olive oil
• 3 fireproof candle holders

What to do:
Cleanse your candles with Florida water, then Annoint them with olive oil. Place them in their holders.
Light the red candle for veterans who suffer from PTSD and for whom fireworks can be extremely triggering.
Light the white candle for any independence you have achieved from things that no longer serve you.
Light the blue candle for fur babies, especially dogs who get scared of the sounds of fireworks.

Allow your candles to safely burn down, or you can snuff them out and repeat the spell next year.

                    ~Najah Lightfoot

:dizzy:Taken from Llewellyn’s Witches Spell-a-Day Almanac


This sounds very sympathetic & peaceful. I have 2 dogs that get very nervous about fireworks. :fireworks: they were canceled in my area, but they still start going off around 8pm.

I also have the Spell A Day Almanac for 2021. I havent looked at it recently because, I don’t know why. :joy:


Beautiful spell for Independence Day! :us: :star2:
For everyone in the US, have a safe and wonderful day!


Thank you :revolving_hearts::relaxed::cherry_blossom:


I’m not looking forward to any fireworks at all!! I never liked them. When I used to go out and see them, it just reminds me of the life I had and now it’s a memory I don’t want. I’m so tired of being lonely :pleading_face: I’m sorry Im thinking out loud.


What a lovely spell for the 4th of July! And (since the 4th fell on a weekend day this year) I think the official day off in the USA is today, yes? Wishing everyone who is celebrating a very happy Independence Day! :fireworks: :partying_face: :hamburger:

Sorry the occasion brought back some heavy nostalgia for you, @Christina4. This is the second year I’m out of the USA and away from home for the 4th so I can relate- I’m feeling a bit of the same. I hope you were able to have a fun 4th of July nonetheless- did you celebrate with your kids? Sending big hugs to you :hugs::heart:


Yes it is a day off here. I did some artwork with my kids and taught them a little history about the holiday but my mother brought them to see fireworks.
But I was thinking aloud about living in my own apartment with the guy I love…I had that but he passed on. And away from my mother!!! Lol
I’m sorry you miss home!!! :pensive:


Thanks, @Christina4 :pray: Sorry about your loss- old anniversaries that bring back memories of loved one gone are the hardest. If you think it may help, doing the Spell for a Lost Loved One or decorating your altar in their memory can bring peace and help to feel like you are celebrating the occasion together in a way.

Sending big hugs to you- I’m sure your kids enjoyed doing artwork and learning a bit of history with their loving mom! :heart::blush:


Thank you! I’ve been avoiding the entire situation. But now, I think that working through it instead of around it would benefit me. :green_heart:


I agree. Looking forward with hope is the best, never backward.

For me, this time of the year reminds me of the long summer nights and fireworks with my family on the New Year celebrations (summer is in December in Argentina). But I am grateful for what I have today and even more for what’s to come.

:smiley: Happy Fourth!! :statue_of_liberty: