Indigo water recipe

This is my version of indigo water recipe

Indigo Water

Magickal properties & uses:

  • Home protection
  • Attract luck
  • Cleanse space/aura
  • Clarify
  • Spiritual protection element
  • Contacting ancestors
  • Create barrier to keep out negative or stagnant energy
  • Magickal strength
  • Absorb negative vibrations
  • Psychic intuition
  • Spirit communication
  • Protect against evil eye
  • Floor wash
  • Protect doorways/thresholds
  • Purifying a space
  • Raise spiritual vibrations


  • Rain water
  • Indigo bluing agent
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Cascarilla
  • Cinnamon stick
  1. Pour rain water in a bowl and add indigo bluing agent. Let it dissolve in the water and stir until you get a nice blue color
  2. Add a few drops of lavender oil and sprinkle some cascarilla into the water. Stir the water with a cinnamon stick while praying over it.

“Protect this home and all who dwell here,

Drive away all threats while elevating spiritual vibrations to a new level,

Cleanse and purify any forces that enter this house.

Keep out any negative or stagnant energy for good.

By the power of the universe,

Bless and fill this space with love, light and abundance.

At harm none - so mote it be.”

  1. Bottle
  2. Charge with the moonlight (optional)

Interesting. I’ve never heard of indigo water!


Indigo water is new to me too! I like the cleansing & purifying properties of it.

I’m sure my daughter has some kind of indigo coloring by way of food coloring. The girl has more versions of food colorings than I can think of uses for them. She is the baker though & our neighbor & she have a mock “baking challenge show” that they do when it’s a rainy day or they have no other plans. My daughter is Mindi & my neighbor is Terri… if you can imagine them using thick Boston area accents. Since they incorporate "Terri’s"husband who is now “Richard” he gets to be the taste tester, audience, & general interference. :rofl:

Anyway, I am going to use this to maybe cleanse/purify my witchy space! I’m sure I will find appropriate substitutes if I need to :two_hearts: