Input on other practices and tools

Hi, since October of last year, I’ve been exploring practices, tools, and rituals and have experienced results and success. Just recently used sigils and really super charged my process. For years, totally overlooked so much that is out there, so now in connection to these experiences, like to know what else I could use and do, and for anyone else who is reading this? Now like to stick to practices, tools, and methods that have been used and there is a body of work and consensus on. For ease, could just stick to titles and I will research them, know there is a lot out there and information on it.

These are the areas of my practice this far:

Lunar cycle
Spell casting (abundance, protection, sweetening, send away, cord cutting, return to sender, etc)
Candle magic
Cleansing baths
Chakra meditation (doing this for about 13 years on and off)


I love how diverse your practice is, @Eliza_01- you have explored some wonderful aspects of magick! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: As a very eclectic witch myself, I’d be happy to share some other aspects of magick for your consideration.

I can see you have worked with tarot before, are you interested in other types of divination?

If you are, know that there are so many (and some very, well, interesting lol) methods of divination out there :grin:. A personal favorite of mine that has a solid backing and plenty of information for those interested is Tasseography- Tea Leaf Readings :tea:

If you enjoy Sigils, you make also find Runes to be of interest. @Liisa shared some wonderful information about Runes in Magick. You can also explore plenty of in-depth rune posts in the forum.

There’s also Kitchen Witchery- aka cooking with magick which is not only fun but tasty as well :yum:

I’m sure others with have some additional aspects for you to explore, and if you’re still on the hunt then perhaps check the List of Previous Spells8 Challenges- as each weekly challenge focuses on a different aspect of magick :sparkles:

Happy exploring and blessed be! I hope you can find some exciting new aspects of magick to explore :hearts: :pray:


Thank you for these suggestions, very nice, going to check them out!!

I was just looking through the weekly challenges post, very interested!


You’re very welcome, @Eliza_01! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If the challenges are something you find interesting, please know that you are warmly invited to join the current one (this week’s theme is Salt Magick :salt:) if it calls to you. There’s a new theme every week, and even if you don’t feel like posting an entry, everyone is always welcome to explore the theme on their own. They are meant to be a springboard for magickal inspiration :grin::sparkles:

Enjoy your search for new magickal aspects! Blessed be :heart:


There is also a type of magick that focuses on sounds. Chanting, sacred alphabets and intoning specific notes can (and have) all been used in rituals and spells throughout history. Another area to consider is color magick, which can be as simple as choosing clothing in specific colors for their energetic frequency and spiritual properties, to making art out of your ritual. Some people use color magick during Beltane and incorporate it into their maypole. Astral projection and out of body experiences is another method of spiritual and magickal practice, and scrying is a great divination method with many applications.

Along with Tarot, you might want to consider cartomancy with regular playing cards, or using oracle or angel cards in your practices. Astrology is also very popular, and astrological timing can add a big boost to your witchcraft. Utilizing the four elements can add as much or as little energy as you want, and the elements often make an appearance in Wiccan practices through calling the quarters. However, there are so many more ways to work with them beyond quarter calling.


Astral projection, heard so much about, but have yet consciously done. I’ve done it a handful of times, but that was not intentionally. Tbh, it’s something I’ve been hesitant and a little scared to do. But I feel astra project very well next on the list.

Angel cards, working with the elements, and other areas. This is good stuff, thank you for taking the time to share. I will refer to this as I go! :slight_smile:


There are some sites that advertize “witches seed set,” etc, but the collections are often $69.95. If I ever pay $70 for seeds, I’ll be expectIng a beanstalk…

My suggestion is to make a list of what you want to grow, and check places like home depot, lowes or garden centers. Might be too late in the season for many things. Any specifically witchy seed sets seem to come with a “magical” extra charge, so though it is cumbersome, you might have to search each herb individually.


Yay! Love it! I started a bit late in the season, but I planted one plant, spicy basil, following the assigned moon cycle. The farmers almanac has a section on when to plant following the lunar cycle, some types of plants work better during the New Moon and others during the Full moon, or something like that. But coming next year, to support the fellow community, I’d pick up some pre-scribed “magic” seeds, and definitely will make it extra special! :cherry_blossom: