Interesting 🤔

I’ve had duplicate reads before, usually with little variations as if they’re telling me about a nuance or whatever.

But this just came up
As you can see…two separate decks, exact same message

I’m considering taking out my Angel and Daemon Decks…


I’ve had this happen before between 2 decks. 1 time I had to message a friend because I pulled my tarot, then Brigid Oracle, & then another Oracle… all 3 were basically the same message…


I believe that every deck has its own unique personality- so when two decks give the same reading, they really want to get that message across! :laughing: :+1:


That’s exactly my thoughts when it has happened to me in the past. It happens more frequently recently but mostly with 2 decks. The time it happened with 3 I had to look at them & was beside myself. :rofl:

I hope you were able to take some time & reflect on the message & how to address it @Wysteria_Norn :hugs:


And these two decks could not be more different one from the other. My problem is that the message is targeted/very specific, yet extremely vague.
I’ve asked for clarification but received no resolution.
Any suggestions are more than welcome!

@Susurrus I did. I’ve gotten odd, vague responses…almost as if the answer hasn’t formed yet, if that makes any sense?!?


One thing I do when I get vague answers that don’t make sense is to start thinking outside the box. For example, usually, when people think of protection they think of physical or spiritual protection. This would be things like protecting yourself from harm or keeping negative energy away. But protection also means many other things. It could be protecting your job by taking necessary actions you wouldn’t normally think of. It could be protecting your belongings by changing locks or passwords. It could be guarding your money against excess spending by putting it in a savings account. There are a lot of things you can protect and protect against.

I don’t know what your question was, but the theme of protection and transformation makes me immediately think of protecting the work you’ve put in on yourself or a project. Sort of like… you’ve come so far in your beliefs, for example, but someone might come along and challenge them. You may have to stand up for those beliefs and guard against those that would try to change them.

I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile: It made sense in my head, but when I put the words out there it got kinda jumbled – maybe I’m turning into @Susurrus and have no jumped on the word salad :green_salad: train :joy:


Right, and I agree completely.

The thing is I rarely, if ever, ask the cards questions.
I used to when I first started, and found that the answers were REALLY off. Then I read that the cards, often being subconscious conduits, will ignore your question and tell you what IT needs to tell you. Once I realized that, the cards ‘became’ completely accurate.
So I usually do a reading for myself with as much of a blank mind as possible or simple mentally state ‘what do I need to know.’ If for another, I just pull a mental image of the person, or what have you, with the same tactic.
So thanks for pointing that out!
I’m thinking that sectioning the reading - ‘What do I need to know about (insert topic)’ may do the trick.



That could definitely help! I often pull cards for myself too without a specific question, more of a…general reading type of thing. You’re not alone there! I hope you can figure out what it means for you :blush: maybe the meaning will become clear as soon as you stop thinking about it lol happens to me all the time!


@Wysteria_Norn it totally does! I will get those & be like… um… what?!? I’m missing whatever it is that I apparently need or should know…

I usually have to think of things I wouldn’t normally & put it together sometimes. What has been going on in life, any themes, or events that may have seemed kind of… not trivial but something else with it kind of is related in an out of the box sort of way…

I agree with @MeganB you may have to look either as a whole picture or specific things that you have been doing over time as what its referring to… if you journal or take notes with your readings… look at anything maybe recurring or the opposite kind of making an appearance every now & then instead of on a regular basis.


I ‘presented’ it to my McHenry Demon deck - Azazel, the Scapegoat daemon came up.

So, :joy:, now there’s a puzzlement within an enigma scenario taking place.
Oh, well. It will be revealed :wink:


I just love your feedbacks (one of my favorite ways of learning). This is a very good example of learning detailed, knowledgeable information. :tree_of_life:

Blessed Be,


Thank you, @Medea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad the way I explained all of that made sense!