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I have a favor to ask…can anyone assist me on this Rune. I was in deep mediation tonight and I can’t escape it. Also a doorway shut but light showing on the bottom corners not all the way around. I feel like I am in a hallway…any ideas???


I do not know exactly about that particular rune meaning since my little chart that came with my runes is different. The only other thing i can think of is the witch runes alphabet here on Spells8:
I will take a picture soon of my rune chart as soon as my son has done playing with my phone.
Sorry i couldn’t be of more help… :blush:


This looks more like a sigel than a rune.


I agree that it looks more like a sigil than a rune. Maybe @Siofra can tell if it’s a bind rune, a combination of different runes together.

However, I think you might have a sigil on your hands, or some personal power symbol or symbol from any Spirits you might work with. You may need to ask them :thinking:


Greetings @CourtneyTann!

Congrats on your deep meditation- it sounds like it was a successful one and a very enlightening experience for you :blush: I imagine rune experts may have more advice for you, but I’m leaning towards what Charlaine and Megan said about it looking like a sigil.

As for reading it, it reminds me a bit of some planetary symbols. That curved leg reminds me of :astrology_jupiter: (Jupiter) or :astrology_saturn: (Saturn). The cross is similar to that of :astrology_mercury: (Mercury), :astrology_neptune: (Neptune), or :astrology_venus: (Venus). Perhaps a combination of multiple planets? Or maybe not- this is just a suggestion that popped into mind! :grinning:

What you said about seeing the door is interesting. How did you feel when you approached the door? Light is usually a good sign, but always check with your intuition too- did it make you nervous, or seem forbidding? Or did it draw you in and feel tempting to open? :door:

I would recommend trying to repeat the meditation and return to the door to learn more about it. It may take a few (or many!) tries to get back there, but if it is an important place or something you are meant to see, then you will surely be able to return to it.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


The runes that I use are commonly known as the Elder Futhark. While the 1 in the middle could be a version of Nauthiz the other looks more like an inverted Jupiter symbol :astrology_jupiter:

I honestly feel like this is a sigil, not a bindrune. Runes don’t have curves, they were carved with lines & curves weren’t something that was easily carved with a knife/sword & wood/stone so they weren’t typically used.

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Merry Meet.
I appreciate all of the insights. Yes. I am leaning more towards a Sigel not Rune. The meditation was focused in on shadow work. The door was alluring, as if I needed to open it but unable to right now. Like as I was in this hallway I knew it was locked. The Sigel was on the hallway wall as well as a notebook I was carrying???
I have seen this in my third eye all day today in different circumstances. No anchor to any particular person, place, thing, or idea…


I often see doors when I do shadow work- for me, the doors open to different pathways. Some of them are small things (easy matters to settle) while other doors seem much more forbidding and lead to significantly harder issues to work through :door:

I would read this as that there is something very important you need to see beyond that door, but as you are right now you aren’t able to open it.

I also think that the key to this door may be this sigil of yours :old_key:- but first, you need to uncover what it means to you or what purpose it is meant to serve.

I would suggest two things:

  1. If you don’t already have a Book of Mirrors, make one. Draw this sigil on the cover of your Book- just as it was on the notebook in your vision. Inside, write down all of your shadow work and meditations experiences related to this door and sigil. Allow yourself to write freely while you do- some things may come to you while you are writing that you did not consider before :writing_hand:

  2. Before meditating or doing shadow work, draw this symbol on a piece of paper or in salt and have it in front of you while you meditate. It can help to guide you through the meditation to where you need to be :compass:

Wishing you all the best, @CourtneyTann! I hope you are able to open that door of yours. Blessed shadow work! :sparkles:


Thank you! I will update!


You might also check the alchemy symbols of similar design. Looks like Sulfur and tin. Tin being very Jupiter. Just putting it out there in case that brings something to mind.


You’re very welcome! :heart: Good luck and blessed be, Courtney! :sparkles:


I immediately saw a person in a doorway, and the word “threshold” came to me, and that was before reading your message.

This feels right to me too. A good thing to keep in mind with shadow work though, our subconscious is always on our side even if it sometimes feels like it’s hiding things from us. Some doors may open for us with little effort, while others take a little more time for us to transform into that self who’s ready to see what’s on the other side.


Threshold…very interesting :thinking: mirror, boundary, and journey have been trigger words for the past three days…thank you. Can you describe the person whom came to you.


Standing in front of an open door, being the one acting and experiencing it, which would be you. There’s the possibility to walk in, but no decision yet.

I see the person in the sigil as the cross-like shape in the middle. There’s a visual similarity between a cross and a person (horizontal line being the arms) and different types of crosses like the Egyptian ankh have been used as a symbol for life throughout history. Also death and rebirth, connecting back to the transformation theme too.