Interviewing a Tarot Deck

That’s what I love about my deck & I had worked so hard to connect with it. I hope that @Liisa has a great time with hers & it is a beautiful deck. If anyone should be honest with you, it’s the cards.


I like oracle decks, they’re easy to learn because most have a saying or something like that on the front. But I stopped drawing from them because I wanted to focus learning from the tarot.


At some point I will look into them. I’m happy with my brutally honest tarot right now. :rofl: An oracle deck is on my wishlist though. Eventually I hope to incorporate a deck into my practice.


I love that deck @Liisa :heart: It’s one of my favorites! And yes, it’s called The Wild Unknown :blush:

I’m also on the fence about oracle decks @Siofra even though I have one myself. I don’t really connect with it all that well :woman_shrugging:


I really like your deck!!! Which one is that? It looks like something I’d like working with.


Ooh :open_mouth: beautiful :heart: that’s the deck I’ve been wanting!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: They are so gorgeously spectacular!!


I just bought The Rider Tarot deck for my tarot box. I decided that the first time I use the cards will be with the spread that you recommended.

  1. most important characteristic is speed, action.
  2. strengths as a deck- info overload :open_mouth:
  3. what are your limits as a deck? Excessive control
  4. what are you here to teach me? Creativity, charm, imagination
  5. how to best learn & Collab with you? Partnership, mutual attraction :magnet: :joy:
  6. what’s the potential outcome of our working relationship?
    Revisiting the past, innocence, joy.

Wow, I’m glad you stumbled upon this spread!!!
Thank you @Francisco :pray::sparkles:


The WildWood Tarot. It’s very Celtic shaman-like. Very green witchy actually. The four suits are Vessels, Arrows, Stones, and Bows. It’s difficult for me to read the court cards, because they’re animals, like the Cave Bear for the Queen of Stones. But I’m slowly learning it! There’s also a couple of workbooks that go with it that I haven’t bought yet. First things first.


I like the green witch part. And the animals…that goes along with it. I think anyway lol.
Thank you for the info. What are the books you need??


It has Wild Magic: The Wildwood Tarot Workbook, and A Year In The Wildwood: Explore the Wildwood Tarot as supplemental reading. I’m just now getting to the nice big book that came with the deck.

It doesn’t come in kindle and I have a difficult time reading print books anymore. I’m getting old! And the print seems to get smaller and smaller every year. LOL!


I had said that I couldn’t imagine getting another tarot deck because the one I have is so honest & great to work with for me. Then I went to Cape Cod Crystals & they had some tarot decks there in front of the counter. I looked through them. There was 1 that I remembered I had wanted before, but when I picked up the package, it didn’t really intrigue me as it once had online. I found the Tarot of the Divine, inspired by deities, folklore, & fairytales. I had to bring it home. It wasn’t too expensive. They had a couple of oracle decks, but I wasn’t moved or drawn to them. I’m still on the fence about whether or not I want an Oracle Deck right now. I can’t wait to get to know this deck though. It comes in a box with the guide book & they are nestled together. There is a ribbon under the deck so it’s easy to get them out of their place in the box.


Wow. That deck looks like it’s going to be great! It’s pretty on the front at least. I wish you luck with it!


Thank you. I’m going to sleep next to them for a few days before I do anything with it. After a cleansing of course!

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