Interviewing a Tarot Deck

Does anyone have any good spreads for interviewing a tarot deck? I like my new Wildwood Tarot and want to get to know it a bit better before I use it for daily draws.

Thanks in advance!


Here is one I used that I found on Pinterest

Deck Interview


Good idea @Amethyst & thank you for the link @Saulamay! I think I will interview mine, I feel like we should strengthen our connection.


I’d love to see your new deck @Amethyst !!

The Little Red Tarot website has a spread for that: Tarot Deck Interview Spread

These are the questions it includes:

  1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
  2. What are your strengths as a deck?
  3. What are your limits as a deck?
  4. What are you here to teach me?
  5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
  6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Good luck!


5 Ways To Get To Know Your Tarot Deck

  • Keep your deck close by, carry it around with you, sleep with it.

  • Meditate or go to sleep with one card at a time.

  • Journal about the cards (impressions, feelings, thoughts, etc.).

  • Do a spread reading.

  • Work with a specific suite at a time (pentacles, swords, cups, wands), work with the major arcana first then switch to minor arcana (vice versa).


This is a great one!! I used it and the answers I received were amazing!!! @Amethyst


Awesome information about a new deck & getting to know it. Thank you for the topic @Amethyst & thank you @Missa & @Francisco for other ideas on it.


OOh, thank you @Saulamay! I’m not on Pinterest so I hadn’t seen that. Looks good.

It never hurts I think. So yeah, do it! LOL!

Thanks for that entire article @Francisco! It was a good read. And I may take a pick of my interview if I remember to do so. LOL. It’s a really interesting deck, very Celtic Shamanistic.

Thank you @Missa! Those are lovely ideas, and I like that interview! I may do more than one interview if I can’t choose. LOL.

Thanks for the rec! It’s nice to know that one really works.

You’re welcome! It’s an interesting topic. Thanks to everyone for the help and advice!


Do you all know how amazing you actually are though :heart::heart:
My mum was at an outdoor market we have near us today and she has picked me up a tarot deck from one of the stalls :heart_eyes: I don’t know what kind yet because she was on her way up north for a week but I want it to be a surprise :heart: this is perfect info for when I get them :heart:


Tomorrow when I think I will interview mine a little bit. I have done some of the other things when I originally got it. I think asking it questions will be fun & informative.


Congrats on the new deck @Liisa! Surprize decks are fun! I hope you like it!

I really liked my interview, although I can tell this deck is going to be temperamental. LOL. I used the interview @Francisco recommended. Here’s a pic, if it will let me upload it:


Oh great job! I will get mine out in a little bit. I like to wait for Peanut to be off to school after my husband & son leave for work. Less chaotic for me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I can’t wait to see what comes of mine! I will let you know what it says when I do it.


Coolness! I’m interested!


It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a new deck but I usually don’t do spreads like these. Instead, I sit with the cards, shuffle them, rifle through them and just look at them. Usually I can pick up on different energies (if there are any yet) and get a feel for the deck.


These cards have very stiff card stock so they’re a bit difficult to shuffle. But yeah, I sat with them Friday night, getting a feel of them. Then I did the interview yesterday. I think I’m gonna really learn a lot from them.


My deck is here :grin: my uncle was on his way past from Inverness so he dropped them in to me along with the kids pressies :heart: It’s the wild unknown Tarot? I already like the feel of them :heart:


Oh @Liisa those are beautiful! I love them!

I’m so afraid to get another deck because the 2 I have are great. I will say that the Rider-Waite deck I have hasn’t been used in quite some time. I gravitate toward my Light Seer’s Tarot deck. I love that deck, it’s so honest with me.


Ooh, those are very pretty @Liisa! Nice deck!

I only have two @Siofra! Well, I have a couple I didn’t connect with and don’t use but I have two that I mainly use. Some people have dozens of decks, buy two or three at a time. I don’t know how they learn their deck’s personalities that way.


I have a tarot reader that she collects decks but uses 3 or 4 in a reading plus an oracle deck or 2. She has some beautiful cards & knows most of them without needing her books. She does use the books but mostly can just read the cards.

I can’t imagine learning the personalities of so many decks either. I’m still on the fence about getting an oracle deck. I have seen some lovely decks, but I’m intimidated by them. :joy:


I really like this deck, I use it when I am looking for blunt honesty, this deck has not let me down yet. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. Blessed be.