Intuitive Moon Deck Oracle Reading for June

"I welcome clear vision
and inspired action "
Repeat this mantra 3 times in a row, and notice how you feel

This month’s card is “Clarity.” In a time of uncertainty, how can you ignite clarity + inspired action within yourself?

Winds of change are still amongst us. As things begin to open back up after a long period of internal and secluded processes, a clear perspective with grounded connection is vital. When your vision is clear and you are sure of what you want, the journey may feel more effortless. Yet when things are a bit uncertain, a feeling of ungroundedness may arise. Acknowledge your journey and give yourself permission to feel whatever is present.

How has this past year been for you? Embrace all of the learning and adaptations that accompanied your experience. Refuel your spark and attune with your inner knowing. Zoom out to a bird’s eye view to see the bigger picture. The eagle is strong medicine and a beautiful reminder that with clear focus we can attain and navigate great heights while remaining grounded and connected.

Take some time this month to get clear on what you want to call in. Use your journal if it helps to get it on paper. How do you envision your summer? What daily practices will help you arrive at where you want to be? Connect with your core. Light your inner fire with your awareness. Then zoom out to receive the bigger picture view of your next actions that will fuel your highest vision.

Happy June Moon Lover,

The Moon Deck


Oh thank you for this one! I like it! I feel like I am making some great progress with where I should be & how far I’ve come. I will keep plugging away & taking some time to reflect on where I have been & where I’m going.


A beautiful oracle card with a very inspiring meaning- I feel like this card is a good sign for things to come in June! :pray:

Last year and into this year have had an overarching theme of uncertainty and haziness- here’s to hoping we’ll find clarity and a bright path forward this month! :sparkling_heart:

Thanks for this reading, Christina!