Invocation, evocation & other options to make

I wanted to talk about this subject on the differences of; invocation, evocation and options a magician, practitioner or witch can use to connect with a Deity or spirit.
It comes to my attention of the vast of small information all around the internet, in which gives vague tips, prayers or invocation to a specific God or Goddess.
There’s anything bad or wrong if the practitioner or witch knows of the procedure involving a invocation or evocation, what ever is the case. But do you know what to do, if things go to the unexpected direction?
Now what is invocation and evocation?
On invocation , is when you invite a Deity or Entity you’re calling for something or whatever work you’re into.
Evocation is when you’re calling a Deity or Entity in physical manifestation.
In demonolatry the most used is invocation, because it’s known from the community in demonolatry, that is safer. But things can go wrong either method used, and is here when the knowledge on protection magick and their variations comes in handy, to deflect any bad situation.
We always have to take the precautions on this, understanding the risk on performing the subject before mentioned. When performing a invocation or a evocation, we’re opening portals from another dimension, and anything can go true it, a low level spirit or a trickster, making the practitioner believe that is the Spirit she/he/them have called. And if you don’t have discernment, there’s a big chance that you can be tricked and bad things can happen.
As a medium sometimes I become possessed, so the Spirit can use my voice to talk, but that’s a different take, and you need to have a healthy mind for it, if a practitioner suffer from any type of mental illness, it’s strongly advise to not do anything thought here.
I’m not discouraging to specially invoke, but always make your research on the matter.
I strongly recommend to do the third method, that is connecting with the Entity, God or Goddess by meditation. Why of this? Because is like taking that first step, to know that Entity, to feel the energy of that specific Spirit. In order to get familiar to it, to later on, on another time to invoke it. But you had made that first step on introducing to each other.
The name may sound awful, Satan & Sons is a web page runned by Priestess Akelta in which she share her meditations and guided videos on YouTube. Meditation to the Goddess Hekate, Lilith and other Deities to name a few, that can show you on making a connection, or simply to use it as a catapult to make your own meditation and have a idea on it.
This comes to a end, hope to all of you my mate witches enjoy the little information shared here. Like always, make a exhaustive research on subject like this one. I’m not a guru, but I do really care of everyone here in this coven.
Please stay safe, and blessings to all.


Thank you for both sharing your wisdom and looking out for fellow coven members, @pedros10 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Invoking and evoking are related concepts that can easily be confused (I know I’m guilty of mixing them up at times! :laughing: ) so thank you for taking the time to explain it :blush:

As a related note for anyone interested, wands and athame tend to relate differently when it comes to invoking and evoking:

The wand is normally used to evoke, that is, peacefully invite benign spirits and forces to join our ritual and we ask for their help on our spellwork.

The athame, on the other hand, is a more aggressive tool, that can invoke, that is, command or order a certain spirit to do what we want.

From Spells8: How to Make and Consecrate Your Wand

The concepts of invoking and evoking are key to many magickal practices, so it’s very helpful to explore them like you did here! Thanks again Pedro! :pray::blush:


Thank you so much!! That’s great info to have!!!


Thank you for sharing this part right here, especially. Many people use the words invoke and evoke interchangeably. As @TheTravelWitch pointed out as well, they’re also easily confused! The difference between the two, though, is very important!

In speaking about calling in entities, I find it helpful to remember the difference this way.
:star: invoke → calling something inside you
:star: evoke → calling something to be with you

As Aleister Crowley put it…

To “invoke” is to “call in”, just as to “evoke” is to “call forth”. This is the essential difference between the two branches of Magick. In invocation, the macrocosm floods the consciousness. In evocation, the magician, having become the macrocosm, creates a microcosm. Magick in Theory and Practice; Crowley

I hope I’m remembering all that right. I’ve honestly always gotten the two confused and never use those words in any ritual space for that particular reason :sweat_smile:


Definitely something to remember, now a day for demonolaters the act of evocation is considered disrespectful.
This is the interpretation on evocation in The Complete book of Demonolatry by: S. Connolly

Evocation - The act of summoning (like you might a servant or subordinate) an entity (implied: against its will. Also implied: Demons are servants.)


I have to point out that I wrote on my experience as a medium that I get possessed, the correct term is to channel, or channelling. I’m aware of everything when the Spirit is using me with my consent to communicate.
In possession the person lose track of everything and is against the person will.
Just wanted to amend what I stated before.


Thank you for the great information @pedros10. Also for the additional information @TheTravelWitch & @MeganB. Honestly I had tried avoiding using the terms in my space because I knew there was a difference. I just wasn’t clear on what that difference was. Thank you :blush: